The Saturday Update: Week 27, 2021

May I present to you Mateo the CoalBear.

He’s a matte black fluffy ball of cuteness that comes to life at night. I wanted to call him Bear, but that is too doggy-like. Coal is so… obvious. Therefore he is a CoalBear.

Mateo is a really laid back kitten with a cute trill, a peeping meow, and a big purr. He is eating his kitten food like a bottomless pit, ignores the plants, is not at all interested in my knitting, uses the scratching posts like a good boy, sleeps under the bed at night, and meows when he wants to be fed. Oh, and he loves Hannah.

In other words, he is perfect!!

The week has gone really well between the two felines. Hannah is now very attached to the kitten and calls for him to come play with her. They wrestle and chase each other endlessly with few problems. Each cat has zones where they can escape from the other and so far things are going smoothly, but I am still keeping part of the house closed off and kitten proofing-like crazy. Right now Hannah has the upper hand but the way the kitten is eating the tide will be turning soon.


I’ve been steadily knitting along on my Ranunculus and it is now below my waist. I’m considering options for how to finish the bottom at this point as I knit. The pattern calls for several inches of ribbing, but I want to continue the stockinette until the last couple of inches and then maybe add I-cord or a combination of twisted rib and then a few rows of stockinette to create a clean rolled edge. The sleeves were bound off earlier but I may cast on and replicate the finish on the bottom. I-cord will be easy, but I kind of like the idea of twisted ribbing…

This pattern is very adaptable and easy to knit. I am knitting with fingering yarn on size 8 needles and have chosen the smaller neck opening and short sleeved options.


Things are looking good in the garden this week! I still have the baby bunny and he is slowly cleaning me out of dandelions. Yay!


I have totally gone down the rabbit hole with this book!

This is a book that makes you think of a lot of other books while you are chasing stories that seem to be interconnected to other stories that are books inside of books. I love this book, but I am still hoping to understand what it going on. There are keys, swords, bees, characters who knit, magic, and stories that are kind of magical. There are lots of doors to open and pass through to get to the stories, and of course there are books, books, books! I want to highlight lines in this book and hunt down other people to talk about it with. Lucky for me my niece in California (that knitworthy one!) is also reading the book.

Did I mention that some of the characters are knitters? And that the first line in the book is… “There is a pirate in the basement.” I keep remembering little snippets of The Princess Bride, and the Harry Potter books, and The Game of Thrones books as I read. I want a necklace with a little bee on it… and a key… but I want a star instead of the sword. I’m having fun with the book and it certainly is enchanting to read.

Have a great week everyone.

Read a little, knit a little, and garden like your heart can’t live without it.

Free Range Kitten

So, I was getting a little concerned with how things were going yesterday morning. For two days I had the kitten locked up in the spare bedroom with me going back and forth between the two cats trying to calm Hannah and trying to entice the kitten out to eat and play. It was not going well.

The kitten, his nose kind of running, was holed up under the loveseat and refusing to come out until late in the evening.

Hannah kept calling to me the whole time I was in the kitten room and it was hard to reassure her through the door. I was worried about the kitten getting too warm packed under the loveseat. Hannah kept growling whenever she caught a whiff of kitten scent. Not good. I was a little worried that maybe I had made a mistake: Hannah was too bonded to me to allow a kitten into the house.

I woke up yesterday morning thinking about getting a screen door cheap to use in the doorway: the room was too hot and Hannah needed to see the kitten. Then I decided to remove a window screen and to use that across the bottom of the door into the kitten room while blocking the upper half of the doorway with an old poster left over from my teaching days. Hey, it just had to hold together for a day or two.

Ta-daa! Hannah can watch the kitten while I interact with it and the open door will make the room cooler.
Hannah watching me feed and play with the kitten inside the room early in the evening.

Okay, I had to actually lift one side of the loveseat to get the kitten to come out, but once I did that he was hungry, friendly, and used his cat box like a good boy. Hannah watch all of that through the screen.

Eventually, after playing with everything in the room, the kitten finally discovered Hannah. Oh. Do you want to be my friend?

Hannah wasn’t snarling and carrying on, the kitten wanted to get out of the room, and I was tired of the whole operation, so around the time that the fireworks outside were getting really loud and my nerves were fraying around the edges, I removed the screen.

Wow. The kitten explored the whole house with Hannah following along and emitting the occasional hiss/growl. Eventually the kitten became interested in Hannah and the great play event erupted downstairs as Hannah and the kitten chased each other for over an hour. The kitten ate another dinner and… Hannah had a cow when the kitten ate some of her food. Major eruption of growling. She doesn’t care for me petting the kitten all that much, either, but even though she voiced her objections, she didn’t attack the kitten. Whew. The fireworks were slowly ending outside and we didn’t have any significant ones inside. It’s a win!

Hannah and her kitten on the cat tree this morning.
The kitten this evening snoozing at the end of the bed while I type this.

I feel like we are over the hump, people, and I have successfully integrated the kitten into the house. Today Hannah is more like her old self and I am being really careful to maintain all of her routines. The kitten has eaten several more times from Hannah’s food bowl and she is handling it better. Have I offered the kitten any cookies yet? No, I have not! Maybe in another week or so Hannah will be able to handle the idea of the kitten eating some of her cookies. Maybe…

Hannah: Sigh.

I have to mention that the reason that I decided to get the kitten was that Hannah seemed desperate for a playmate. She cried all day long for me to come play with her laser light or to throw toys for her. She hid in her papers to ambush me as I walked past and just plain seemed a little desperate for companionship.

It has been an exhaustingly long 4 days, but this afternoon I heard Hannah calling for me to come play with her downstairs…

and the kitten went instead…

and I heard them playing together.

Good job, Kitten Mom. Good job!!

The Saturday Update: Week 26, 2021

I’m not going to share much this week because… this happened.

This little bundle of charcoal fluffy cuteness came home with me this week!

He still doesn’t have a name and has spent the last two days stuffed under a couch hiding from the world in the spare bedroom.

Hannah was totally, like… YOU DID WHAT?!!

There was some hissing and growling that came out of the little Hannah princess. I thought that things would go better, but evidently not. I scrambled to get the spare bedroom kitten proofed and all of the plants in the indoor garden moved to the outdoors or some other suitable location away from kittens. The kitten meanwhile vanished and I spent a few hours hunting for him in the house since I couldn’t find him in his room. Hannah shadowed me all though the search as I started to get more and more concerned about the vanished kitten.

He was in the spare bedroom all along crammed underneath a cabinet through a gap in the back of the paneling.

Finally after midnight all was settled down and the kitten was exploring his new room.

Hannah wasn’t taking any chances and slept high on the bookshelf in my room.

Hannah: Best to be safe… he can’t get me up here!

The downside of the bookshelf is that she leaps from the shelf to my bed to get down… and then she slept on top of me when she wasn’t on the shelf.

This is going to be a rough couple of days…

Have a great week everyone.

Read a little, knit a little, and garden like your heart can’t live without it.

PS: the Mando mitts that I knit for my niece safely arrived in California.

This is the picture that my niece sent me. So knitworthy, my niece!!