Hannah and the CoalBear: Bad CoalBear, Bad!!

Hi. I’m Mateo (AKA the CoalBear)

I’m the most handsome young cat ever, right? Emphasis should be on the word young. I’m not even two years old, I’m still growing, and I need lots of attention and play opportunities. Usually, the Mother of Cats and Hannah support my needs, but not this week. For reasons that I don’t understand I have been yelled at ALL WEEK LONG!!!

Okay, I was standing on the pizza while the Mother of Cats’ back was turned. Oh, are you having trouble seeing those prints?

How about this one? Hey, this is what the Mother of Cats gets for eating in bed, right? It’s not my fault that I tracked catsup footprints all over the white linen duvet cover. See the above comment about eating in bed…

Then I was caught bunny kicking and chewing on a library book. Umm… maybe if I got more attention, I would have to resort to stuff like this. I need lots of time with the laser light, and Hannah should be chasing me more, and why don’t I get more toys? All of my toys are old and I knocked all of the ping pong balls under the sofa so I can’t play with them now, and I AM SO BORED!!! I do play with the yarn every time the Mother of Cats knits, and would you believe I get yelled for that, too. I get yelled at EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!

Hannah: <sigh> I keep telling the CoalBear that he needs to spend more time being cute, but does he listen to me? Nope. Not so much.

See how cute I am?

Now it is really, really cold outside and I can’t even go outside to look for the bunny. Maybe the Mother of Cats will knit soon so I can chew and chase yarn for awhile…

Sigh. Guess I will go see if I can get the tiger cat to play with me.

This is Mateo, signing off.

Author: Midnight Knitter

I weave, knit and read in Aurora, Colorado where my garden lives. I have 2 sons, a knitting daughter-in-law, a grandson and two exceptionally spoiled kittens. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a serious rare autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis along with Sjogren's Disease and fibromyalgia.

19 thoughts on “Hannah and the CoalBear: Bad CoalBear, Bad!!”

  1. Coal bear needs his own stuffed animal to bunny-kick. My dear Maeve would lay in bed with me, ready to snuggle; then suddenly start bunny-kicking my arm. I found the nearest stuffed bear to shove at her, and let her bunny-kick him. Poor, poor Magillicuddy. Alas, currently, Scamp and Tink simply knock off small stuffed animals to get a better view of kitty tv.

    1. I bought a sloth toy for CoalBear to kick when he was little and I kept it in bed with me to distract him when he attacked my arms. He just loves to bunny kick!! He actually holds the steps, flips around backward, and bunny kicks the step above him,,, then there are the ping pong balls. I must have 20 of them in the house and he loves to bat them around. Hannah just kind of watches him as all this is going on.

  2. Goodness me, you poor sweet CoalBear…life sounds pretty tough. I mean if people have plates of food in your way what do they expect? You to walk around it? The cheek of it. Sounds like the mother of cats is expecting too much. I hope you get a new toy to practice your “tear it’s guts out” moves.
    Hannah, start paying attention to the man of the house, you can’t just laze around looking cute all day…he needs entertainment.

    1. Hey, that pizza was on the kitchen counter!! I opened the box, turned to take a plate out of the cupboard, and found him STANDING on the pizza. I did get him some new toys, but I don’t think that there are enough toys in the world for this little guy.

      Hannah: I am the big girl, and he is the baby. He should just go entertain himself.

      MoC: the vet did mention that Hannah was getting a little chonky…

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