The Saturday Update: Weeks 22 and 23

I’m going to be honest here: June has been really challenging so far. My entire right arm is numb and in pain and there isn’t much knitting going on. My appointment book is completely filled up with medical appointments and the bruises are collecting at an alarming rate; did I mention that June is Scleroderma Awareness Month? Yep. I’m aware. Scleroderma has gone into overdrive this month. Gee, if it wanted more attention it should have just asked!

In solidarity with scleroderma there have been other disasters this month. The car that was bringing me home from GI testing this week developed engine trouble (I ended up in an Uber, hopped up on drugs, leaking fluids from an unmentionable part of my nether region… best ride across town ever!) My refrigerator started shrieking in the night as one of the fans failed putting my stash of cheese at risk (yes, I have seriously cornered the market in… cheese). Oh, did I mention that I also had a scary close encounter with my neighbor’s pit bull? Seriously, it has been challenging to do anything except deal with all of this stuff. On the other hand, I have handled things; a new refrigerator is coming (I must save the cheese!), my neighbor has implemented more safeguards to contain her dog, and I have learned how to use Uber!! I’ve completed physical therapy and am walking much better. The car that broke down was repaired at little cost. My arm is in a brace but I am rocking voice-to-text on my phone. I’m knitting again… slowly.

Still, I am warning you, June, knock it off!! I have knitting and stuff to do.

Hannah: June would be a great time to get me a little kitten companion!!


I finished my Noncho (Sharon from Security and Casapinka) this week. What a nice, versatile addition to my wardrobe this will be. I also made some progress on a sock but really the big accomplishment this week has been the Noncho. My project notes on Ravelry are here.


It’s gotten hot and the garden has taken off. I’ve been weeding steadily and it is really exciting to find flourishing plants and emerging flower buds. Look at what is going on right now:

Seriously, the garden is starting to explode with color. My rose plants are covered with buds and the main show is going to start in just a few more days. We had so much rain earlier this year the rose bushes grew really well and things are looking good. Okay, June is picking up a little.


I’m enjoying The Cold Millions while I work on my second sock. So far it is pretty good and applicable to economic issues that we are dealing with today in the US.

Have a great week everyone.

Read a little, knit a little, and garden like your heart can’t live without it.

PS: The gastroenterologist told me that I can’t eat cheese any more. Or chocolate. Or caffeine. Or carbonated drinks. Alcohol is absolutely forbidden.

I’m pretending that I didn’t hear that part about the cheese.

Author: Midnight Knitter

I weave, knit and read in Aurora, Colorado where my garden lives. I have 2 sons, a knitting daughter-in-law, a grandson and two exceptionally spoiled kittens. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a serious rare autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis along with Sjogren's Disease and fibromyalgia.

28 thoughts on “The Saturday Update: Weeks 22 and 23”

  1. I was so surprised to read about the cheese in your fridge. Cheese and dairy are so often the reason for flare ups of soooooo many medical conditions. My liver results have significantly improved since switching to non dairy milk, cheese and ice cream. When I do have real cheese I get an upset stomach…but admit sometimes I’ll put up with the symptoms for some real cheese.

    1. I actually do okay with cheese as long as it is well aged and lactose free. I keep a food log which has helped me tremendously with sorting out problem foods. If I eat fresh veggies I’m in trouble unless they go through a blender. Then there is bread… I have to eat a rustic slow risen bread like sourdough or I’m in trouble. My numbers are good, but he was worried about transit time in my GI tract… I have to admit that I am willing to suffer to have an occasional milkshake!

      1. My worst liver results ever were when I had got back from New York with a tub of the Frozzzen Hot Chocolate powder from Serendipity 3 and was having milk shakes everyday for 2 weeks before that monthly blood test. Yet it took me about 6 more years to link it to dairy. Bread puffs up my belly like I’m 7 months pregnant but I still eat it πŸ™„ You’ve got to have some treats in life or what’s the point.

    1. Hannah hates to be left alone so I have been looking at the new crop of kittens… I’m just a little concerned about adding more stress. Right now I have the perfect companion who doesn’t mess with my knitting or damage the plants…

      1. Hmm its tricky isn’t it, but it would be lovely to hear of more adventures with a kitten and Hannah, but that’s easy for me to say…they aren’t my plants that could be chewed or knocked over. Perhaps Hannah would teach it good manners….or perhaps they will turn the house into a Nascar racetrack…its hard to know. Oh and I think Pitbulls are one of the banned breeds in the UK. As lovable as they can be to their owners there were too many serious and sometimes fatal attacks.

      2. This dog is just wonderful with her family and likes me when I’m in their yard. If I’m on the other side of the fence she just goes bonkers trying to get to me… she ate holes in the fence, pushed out boards, slams her body into the fence trying to get it down, etc. The barking is bad but it really is the growling that brings me to the snapping point. I’m over it now and will report anything that happens from now on. I think that this behavior is too aggressive to tolerate and they haven’t been able to train her to stop.

    1. I sure wish that they were banned here!! I am just sick and tired of people who insist that they are lovely dogs when the potential for a really serious attack can’t be ignored. This dog ATE her way out of a chain link kennel… her jaws are that strong.

  2. Do they really have to take our cheese? And once they took my cheese (1 serving of dairy a day–I get that in my coffee, drat!) I told my rheumatologist, I’m stilling eating the two nuggets (Hershey’s nuggets) at bedtime…because refined sugar is out too… what a month. Here’s hoping we get to more knitting soon.

    1. This whole cheese thing is just fraught. He told me I can’t have it because of the fat content; I eat it because it calms down my GI symptoms. I forgot to mention the sugar… it seems to be okay if it is baked into something, but I never add it to foods or drinks. The whole directive to not eat for 4 hours before I sleep is also a problem for me as that leaves me with just one meal a day. I’m the only person in lockdown who is losing weight…

      Today my hands are better. I see the rheumatologist this week and hopefully she will have some new drug that she can give me to help with this neuropathy. Drugs are good if they help you knit! πŸ™‚

      1. I agree. I’m just beginning this journey, but I don’t wish to give up knitting or quilting;-). The processed sugar isn’t too bad, but it can be a challenge some days. I’m going to miss the cheese.

      2. Keep a food log. I’ve been told so many things that are contradictory by my doctors and others that I just had to track symptoms and my food (and other stuff like stress and weather) to figure it all out. I cook safe meals in my crockpot and then make little meal packs to carry me through the week as I mostly can’t eat any restaurant/fast food or processed food. But cheese was one of my safe foods until this happened…

  3. Oh my, that sounds like the road I’m on. Cheese is so hard to give up. I’m sorry June has been rough. I hope things settle down and you are able to get some knitting in.

    1. Tonight I’m making baked potato soup with… cheese. I can’t give it up as it is one of the few sources of protein that my stomach will tolerate. I keep thinking that I have to play the long game… go with the strategy that causes the least damage over the long run. Hopefully the rest of June will behave itself now that I’ve called out its bad behavior.

  4. I’m so sorry, I hope things get better for you. I’m feeling it the last couple of days fiercely. Love the Noncho and pretty flowers!!!! Hang in there

    1. Thank you. My arms are improving (like… I can sleep!) and hopefully my rheumatologist has some tricks up her sleeve that will help. I see her on Wednesday, so help is right around the corner.

      I love the Noncho! The first cool evening I’m going to pop it on.

    1. Thank you. I spent most of the weekend sleeping and I’m already getting better I think. All the testing (and the colonoscopy prep) put me into a flare but the worst (I hope) is now behind me.
      This morning when I watered I saw that the roses are starting to open. Yay, roses! Hannah caught the first moth of the season last night… so adorable. πŸ™‚

  5. June really is giving you a rough time! I hope things get better for you and you are on the mend πŸ™‚ Your Noncho is lovely, and so are your flowers! Miss Hannah is such a lovely young lady – I hear you about the difficulty in thinking about a second cat.

    1. The latest June development… miller moths!! Hannah has turned into the cutest version of hunter/killer cat as she relentlessly pursues the moths through the house, rattling blinds, leaping onto furniture, and launching herself over anything in her way like the odd lamp of drink container. The idea of a kitten just went on hold for a couple of weeks.
      My roses are blooming! I went out and took some pictures as these are the best I’ve seen in years because of the spring rain. Yay!!

    1. I love those colors, too. I’ve kind of built a whole wardrobe coordinated around black, grey, pink and wine colors. I just bought a raspberry colored Vera Bradley purse. πŸ™‚ That yarn was a gift at Christmas time from my son.

      I spent the entire weekend sleeping and I am much better for it. Tomorrow I see the rheumatologist to see if there is something that she can do to get things under control a little better.

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