A Month of Crutches and Panic Knitting: The Destash Project Update

It really has been a quiet month for me as I’ve been more housebound than usual as I slowly recover from bursitis and tendonitis in one (thank heavens only one!) hip. I’ve been doing my physical therapy, faithfully using my crutch whenever I have to do any prolonged walking (like going to the grocery store), and even started a gym membership so I can start on the reclined bike for the prescribed 5 minute workouts. It helps that it has been cold and I’ve been very motivated to get some projects done. I cleaned up my sewing room and started on some quilts, joined another book club, and began some serious panic knitting to get my yarn destash project back on track after a disastrous September shopping spree.

I entered the month with only 33.5 skeins out of the stash, and my goal is 50 skeins out of the stash before the end of the year. Yikes! I settled into the knitting chair, started an audiobook and began to catch up on knitting projects every afternoon into the evening.

I had two sweaters that were close to completion at the start of the month: the Climb Every Mountain (upper left) and the Koivua (upper right). I finished them up rather quickly (3 skeins used) and then cranked out the Understated sweater (bottom right) in less than two weeks, using up 6 skeins in the effort. Pretty productive!

This week I pulled out several skeins of yarn that were kind of rustic (not superwash), paired then with some mohair that I’ve had stashed forever and make MacKenzie (my very spoiled and demanding cat) a cushy padded sleeping blanket in three days flat while a series of cold fronts dumped a foot of snow and drove temperatures into single digits. It helped that I used big needles and 4 strands of yarn held together for the project.

Another 7.5 skeins of yarn used!!

I also managed to polish off a couple pairs of socks (very simple, mash-up socks that are winter workhorses…) that aren’t all that much to look at, but they used up another couple skeins of yarn.

See what I mean? These are just simple ribbed socks with a sturdy heel.

I have a couple of other projects on the needles at the moment, a cowl and another sweater that will take me through next month, and then before I know it I will be at the end of the year. The destash project kind of hangs over me so I have been knitting steady.

This sweater got started this evening and should really use up most of my Heilo stash. I have 20 skeins of the Heilo, so I have been saving this sweater back as kind of a ringer for the destash project. This is Barn from the book Knits About Winter (Emily Foden). It will be nice and warm for me as winter weather really arrives in the weeks to come.

This evening I totaled up the skeins used this month on my little spreadsheet (yes, I am that big of a geek!) and to my shock the total now is…

52 skeins!!!

I have made it! The destash goal is polished off and I will be way over it when I finish the Barn sweater. Whew! I can now shift attention to getting more sewing done and maybe even will be able to spin a little or do some weaving before Christmas if the hip behaves itself. Maybe bake some cookies. You know, go wild with the relief of having made my goal. Who knew that bursitis, tendonitis, and being on crutches for a few weeks would turn out to be a blessing in disguise? Every cloud does have a silver lining after all!

I will, however, be staying out of the yarn store until the end of the year! No more slips, no more slips, no more slips (chant along with me, people!), no more slips…

May your knitting be good, your books exciting, your chronic illnesses (if you are a member of that club with me) well behaved, and all your New Year’s resolutions met. Have a great weekend, everyone.

Author: Midnight Knitter

I weave, knit and read in Aurora, Colorado where my garden lives. I have 2 sons, a knitting daughter-in-law, a grandson and two exceptionally spoiled kittens. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a serious rare autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis along with Sjogren's Disease and fibromyalgia.

22 thoughts on “A Month of Crutches and Panic Knitting: The Destash Project Update”

    1. My pain and mobility have gotten much better through the month and the sense of accomplishment is great as I got through all that knitting while getting better. It’s all GREAT!! Thanks for the cheer!

    1. It is so ironic that I got into this fix by trying to make my doctors proud of me by exercising! It goes to show that it is important to not apply generic health plan onto someone with special needs. Now I’m working closely with the physical therapist and my internist to make sure I get some cardio while babying my inflamed connective tissue. Scleroderma sure makes things interesting!

    1. MacKenzie IS pleased! He likes the bed so much I can actually knit with little cat interference. Who knew? My hip is improving, and the pain is now minimal, but I may be left walking with a cane when this is over, but I’ll be walking, so that is good.

    1. I wasn’t always sure, but I had that Barn sweater and the cat blanket in mind to use up a bunch of yarn, and the Knits About Winter book has some socks that are knitted with two strands of yarn to make cushy winter warmness that I also had my eye on as a stash buster… You knit one strand of yarn with nylon reinforcement with another that is just superwash merino: sounds perfect, doesn’t it!

      My hip is getting better. Sometimes in the house I start out walking without thinking about it and the limp is gone! Walking without the limp over distances is another matter, however, but I think that I’m getting there. I’ve been told that tendons take a long time to heal and since this is a scleroderma thing it isn’t clear if they will ever get back to normal, but they are getting a good stretch every day and I expect them to start behaving! (Imagine the stern teacher voice for that last sentence…) I think that my bursitis is way better, which is huge as that was the source of most of the pain.

      1. I just love following all of your adventures, Marilyn! Gorgeous knitting, and wooHOOO for an improving hip!!! I’m also impressed that you decimated your stash goal. Wow! Always curious about what you’re reading… Anything especially good right now?

      2. I just finished Michael Connelly’s latest book, The Night Fire, and looked it. I listened to the audible version which was really well done, and i like the complexity of the characters. Right now I’m reading Ninth House for my book club at Barnes & Noble, and I am enjoying it too, especially since it is set at Yale and i spent two weeks in New Haven a few years ago for training and we spent a day exploring Yale. So cool to be able to visualize the locations. I have The Water Dancer and Blowout waiting for me; have you read either of them?

      3. I haven’t read any of these but will definitely check out the new Michael Connelly and Ninth House!

      4. Oops, put my reply in the wrong place. I was laughing at this and must have hit enter. Love spreadsheet people. LOL

  1. YAAAYYY! You did great! So sorry you were not feeling well and having bad weather. But at least something good did come out of it! MacKenzie does look just thrilled, and you look wonderful in your cozy sweaters and socks 🙂

  2. Yikes, snow! We’ve had a few snowflakes here outside Toronto but that’s it so far :). Sorry to hear you are in pain but glad to hear you beat you stashbusting goal with almost 2 months to spare!!!

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