MacKenzie Speaks: My Blankie, My Blankie!!

Hi. I’m MacKenzie.

Do you see this nice yarn that I am rolling around in? Something wonderful has happened this week!

Well, actually, something wonderful happened this week because things have gotten just awful outside. I blame the Mother of Cats totally for what has happened this week.

Look at this! Almost a foot of this stuff is spread out across MY YARD and it is so cold I can’t even put my paw into it for more than a second!

That’s right. It started snowing three days ago and the cold and the snow just kept on coming day after day after day…

If the Mother of Cats really cared about me she would put a stop to this white madness, but NOPE! she did not. Monday morning she did go digging into the yarn stash and found some yarns that are the kind that I like a lot.

Don’t these yarns look nice and warm?
The Mother of Cats decided that it was an emergency to make me a cat blanket, so she started knitting with all four of the yarns held together at the same time.
Hey! This knitted stuff is really nice and warm. I can use my claws on it all I want and it won’t fall apart! The Mother of Cats is really acting nice. I think that she is feeling guilty about all of that cold white stuff.

Since the Mother of Cats was making some knitted stuff that was truly excellent to sleep on I decided to hand out with her all day yesterday while she worked. Okay, it was really cold out in the garage, and there was no way I could frolic around outside, so I had to stay in the house. Of course I stayed with her and helped her knit all day.

Don’t you think that these yarns look nice with my fur?

Because the Mother of Cats was holding 4 strands of yarn at the same time the knitting went really fast. I mean, she must have gotten a couple of inches done between breaks for cookies. I got lots of pets and I held all of the balls of yarn while she worked, and she gave me all of the extra balls to take care of too. The Mother of Cats is so lucky that she has me to help her.

Look at how nice and big this blanket is! It is a perfect sleeping pad for me on the bed.
She even put tassels on the blankie!! I love tassels!

Now I have a blankie to sleep on while the Mother of Cats does stupid stuff like cooking and sewing. I just love my blankie. Yay! For once the Mother of Cats has put my needs first, but it certainly took her a long time to pay attention to how badly I needed this blankie.

I’m such a good boy!

Can I have some cookies now? Can I have them served on my blankie?


Notes from the Mother of Cats:

The finished blanket is really warm, thick and sturdy. It should be able to standup to claws and chomps for a long time.
  • The finished blanket is 3 feet long from point to point, and fits nicely on the bed, chairs, and of course the floor. MacKenzie prefers to have his blankie on the bed, of course! My project notes for this blanket are here.
  • MacKenzie is visibly struggling in the cold and I am sure that he has some type of arthritis. I’m hoping that the warm cushy wool is comforting on old bones; it is in weather like this that I remember that he is a 16 year old cat.
  • I also did the little bit of finishing on my last sweater and got a not-great photo of it since I had to stay indoors. Ta-daa! Here is my Understated Sweater (Joji Locatelli).
I am considering making the sleeves wrist length, but am test driving the shorter version for a few weeks. I am making matching socks and may have enough yarn left over to make wrist warmers that will extend the warmth on my arms on cold days. I love the endless individuality that knitting my own stuff gives me.
  • My project notes for the Understated Sweater are here.
  • MacKenzie is not kidding about the cold. We broke a record here in the Denver area this morning with a new low of 3Β°F this morning. Brrr!
  • The blankie ate up 7 skeins of yarn! The destash project is looking good!



Author: Midnight Knitter

I weave, knit and read in Aurora, Colorado where my garden lives. I have 2 sons, a knitting daughter-in-law, a grandson and two exceptionally spoiled kittens. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a serious rare autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis along with Sjogren's Disease and fibromyalgia.

21 thoughts on “MacKenzie Speaks: My Blankie, My Blankie!!”

    1. He just loves it! I think it really holds heat well, and is a good, comfy pad for him while he naps. I’m so happy with how quickly it worked up and how much yarn it cleaned out of the stash.

  1. MOC – your sweater is gorgeous! So neat that you will be able to have matching socks and maybe wrist warmers or longer sleeves as well πŸ™‚ OMG – his expression standing outside with the snow! He is not a happy boy at all. His blanket is sweet, and he does look happy with it πŸ™‚ And yay for knitting the stash down!
    MacKenzie – you are such a good boy! And you look very handsome, content, and cozy with your new blanket. You do deserve some cookies, but Mother of Cats deserves some purrs for making you this lovely blanket.

    1. I am happy with the sweater. I’d been on the hunt for a nice dark blue yarn, so as soon as I saw it I grabbed it, and that’s how I ended up with matching socks and even the yarn for a cowl to cover that deep neck.

      Yep, MacKenzie just radiated disgust when he discovered the snow. He made it all the way to the back of the house looking for bare ground and then I carried him back. Poor boy. So betrayed by the elements.

      The blanket is now a game changer: he slept right through the night without walking me up, so I think he’s more comfortable. Yay first blankies!!

  2. MacKenzie, I thought you were mistaking a shawl for a blanket for you, but no! You are indeed the luckiest boy to have such a beautiful blanket all to yourself and with tassels to play with too.

    I find 3 quarter length sleeve jumpers and jackets look nice on other people but I just don’t wear them and they end up at the charity shop years later looking brand new. It’s great to have options with knitting though, imagine if you added extra arm length onto a sewn item hehe!

    1. MacKenzie: I would be luckier if I had more cookies!

      I thought that I’d try the 3 quarter length sleeves out but I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that I should add length. I need to weigh the remaining yarn to see if I can manage it; otherwise I’ll be wearing the wrist warmers with the sweater for sure.

  3. Yikes! A foot of snow before Halloween is surely a trick from Mother Nature:(
    MacKenzie: Your new blanket is lovely! It must be the most comfortable place to nap in your whole house:)
    Your sweater is beautiful! Stay warm!

    1. Mother Nature has been messing with us big time. We set another record for low temperatures last night, but today we are finally above freezing again. It’s like we didn’t even get a fall. Thank goodness the leaves already came off my big tree.

      MacKenzie is asleep on his blankie again. Best cat bed ever!!

  4. The shameless speckled cat seems interested in a similar blankie, and my fingers remember the pattern. Well, as a square, and a much smaller scale. The central panel – I can do that. Probably.
    It’ll take longer than two days, though. MacKenzie is so lucky. I’ll have to distract Second Hand Rose with cookies, Churu, and tuna…

    And the sweater is lovely, and looks lovely on you.

    1. Do I know this shameless speckled cat? Sounds like a MacKenzie analog. πŸ™‚ You are right! The pattern is just a modification of our old washcloth, and I got the middle part by doing a decrease and yo at the same time at the start of the row. I though of making a rectangle, but this shape seemed to give more kitty sleep options. He really likes it, and I’m grateful that he is again sleeping through the night.

    2. I forgot to say that the sweater is another of those boxy ones, but perfect for me comfort-wise and will be easy to layer over other tops to stay warm, but it’s not the best fit for a crutch I’ve discovered…

  5. I can’t believe MacKenzie is 16! He sure doesn’t show his age in the pictures. I love thinking of him snuggled up comfy cozy on his new blanky! You’re a good Mom. ❀️

    Love your Understated Sweater too! Off to check out your project notes.

    1. I know, he really photographs well, doesn’t he! I forget his age sometimes too as he has such a big personality. He can’t jump on counters anymore and he needs special food, but he is hanging in there.

      Today’s project is to add sleeve length to the sweater. I thought I’d try it 3/4 length sleeves, but we haven’t had much of a fall so I’m adding the length.

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