MacKenzie Speaks: Endless Fade…

Hi. I’m MacKenzie.

Do you see how hot I am? I collapsed on the Mother of Cats’ knitting as it was too hard to even yarn chomp…

Yesterday while the Mother of Cats was driving around in the car (she went to the yarn store… she tried to sneak in some yarn, but I saw her and I’m absolutely certain that she has SLIPPED again…) she glanced at the dash and noticed that it was 101° F outside. I believe it. It is so hot I can’t go outside without burning my paws, and I barely have enough energy to put a claw into the Mother of Cats knitting. Barely. It is so much effort, but when you are a cat of superior personality and strength of will, you persevere and grab yarn anyway. It shows character in the face of adversity…

The Mother of Cats CUT MY CLAWS again!!!

I don’t know why she hates me so much. I’m just trying to do my part in this endless fade project that just keeps going and going and going… Seriously, I don’t know when this project is going to get done. It just keeps getting bigger and hotter and the Mother of Cats whaps me with it every time she turns it. It would be different if she would let me sleep on it, but nope. The Mother of Cats never lets me have fun!!

But we are making some progress with all of that knitting and whapping. Look at where we are!
Brioche section of What the Fade?! shawl.
We have completed the endless sea of brioche stitch that we did for the first couple of weeks of knitting. 
Now we are working our way through the endless garter stich section at the bottom of the shawl. Today we finally got started on one of the lighter colors of yarn.

The Mother of Cats and I do go out into the garden in the evenings so she can water and I can look for bugs and squirrels. It is so hot outside that even the bugs are hiding.

So I just hang out in my favorite cool spots in the garden after she waters.
The lavender is now blooming in the yarrow garden so that is my favorite spot right now. Do you see any bees buzzing around? No, you don’t! Even the bees have gone home in this heat!
Ha. Now that my claws are cut the Mother of Cats is letting me sleep on the end of the shawl while she works. Maybe she does care about me a little. 

Since we are hanging out in the house during the afternoons I think that the Mother of Cats and I may get the shawl done in the next week or so. I can’t wait to show it off. The Mother of Cats could never get things like this done without my help.

I’m such a good boy!

Can I have some cookies now?


Notes from the Mother of Cats:

The shawl is What the Fade by Andrea Mowry. My project notes are here.

Yarns for shawl.
Here are the yarns. 

This shawl uses 6 skeins of yarn, which explains why I am still knitting and knitting on it. This morning I started the 4th color used at the bottom of the shawl, so the end is now in sight. Yay! This weekend the heat should break, the afternoon storms will return, and my Fade will be finally finished. Stay tuned for the final update!

Author: Midnight Knitter

I weave, knit and read in Aurora, Colorado where my garden lives. I have 2 sons, a knitting daughter-in-law, a grandson and two exceptionally spoiled kittens. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a serious rare autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis along with Sjogren's Disease and fibromyalgia.

23 thoughts on “MacKenzie Speaks: Endless Fade…”

  1. Your Fade is fabulous!!
    MacKenzie: Myles suggests you run and hide when the nail clippers appear:( If you can’t escape you deserve one cookie for each nail clipped:)

    1. Thank you. I was a little concerned about a huge faded gradient, but this pattern is working really well.
      Mackenzie: Miles, she is really sneaky, but I made her feed me a whole can of Tina afterwards. You should hold out for steak!

  2. You make it look so easy. Due in part to too many doctors appointments this month…I have made it past the half way point of my own shawl. I think I fall more in love with the Find Your Fade pattern with every skein of yarn I join into this shawl. But it will be a lovely shawl.

    1. It is the color changes that keep me going for sure. I have discovered audible books which really help with knitting progress. I hear you about the doctor’s appointments; they really eat into time and energy.

  3. Love the colors that you have chosen for your fade. We just made it through our hottest week of the season— mid to upper 90s with no rain. That is, until this morning when a front came through with thunderstorms and RAIN!! Weather forecast is for temps down in the 80s for all of next week. Hooray! Hope you got this front as well🙂

    1. We did get a front that cooled us down yesterday!! So happy for the temperature drop and the rain, and I guess the moisture will continue next week. I’m kind of hoping that this is the monsoon arriving just in time to save my lawn!

      I am getting more and more pleased with the shawl as I work. These colors are really going to go well with the wardrobe this fall and winter (okay, everything goes with black and indigo blue…) so I think the shawl will be a workhorse for me and maybe one that I will leave on the car.

  4. It’s lovely and your kitty looks exactly like my Timothy. Aw! It’s hot here, too. I’m working on my lightest knit, but I’d like to cast on a Sockhead hat or a fancy pair of socks. Stay cool!

  5. Your ‘What the Fade’ is beautiful. 😍 You color choices really look great together!

    I tried casting on ‘What the Fade’ as my first brioche project 😂🤣 I decided I needed to learn brioche first. I have all my yarn ready to go…now to find the time.

    1. I found that brioche had quite the learning curve! My first project was a two color cowl, which helped me figure out what was happening because of the colors and knitting in the round helped too. I did a shawl with a little brioche in it that helped me learn increases, and then by the time I got to this fade I could even correct mistakes. It totally hurts your head at first, first sure!!

      I fuss over colors a lot, so it is nice to hear that my final choices were good ones!

  6. MacKenzie, you are a very handsome boy, and Mother of Cats has gotten some wonderful pictures of you! She is very lucky to have you to help her out 🙂
    Mother of Cats – your knitting is coming along beautifully! I know how you feel with the Fade – I’m doing Find Your Fade and it is taking forever!

      1. MacKenzie – yes you are! You definitely deserve a cookie!
        MC – Yes, the fades do take it out of you, but they are so lovely we keep on going 🙂

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