MacKenzie Speaks: WIP Progress

Hi. I’m MacKenzie.

Cat on knitting.
I’m dozing on the new sweater. Don’t you think that this color red looks good with my fur?

Last week I reported on the explosion of WIPs that happen as the Mother of Cats abandoned all good sense and cast on one project after another. So many projects going I can hardly find a place to nap! The Mother of Cats has been busy knitting all week long but she hasn’t managed to get even one little project done. Not one! I keep nagging her to knit faster, but it seems that even that isn’t enough to get things finished around here.

Daelyn Sweater.
But she is making progress on her new sweater!

I like this sweater a lot. Every time she puts it down I move in for some quality sleep. The color is nice, but it’s a standout for just being nice and warm with some optimal squishiness too. There is a lot of this yarn in the stash and I’m hoping that she uses the extra to make a new blanket for my bed. I deserve a new blanket!! Never was there a cat more patient and understanding than me!

She did get ONE mitt done.  I had so much fun chasing the little furry thrums while she was making this.

There was a little halt in the sweater when the Mother of Cats realized that she needed the needles being used in this mitt to knit the sleeves of the sweater. Oops. She knitted like crazy one afternoon to finish the mitt so that she could go back to the sweater. Now we have only one mitt, and the other one will have to be knitted when the sweater is done. Did the Mother of Cats think of this when she went all crazy and cast on all of these projects? No. She did not. She should listen to me more and concentrate exclusively on meeting my needs. I need cookies more often. I still want a mouse! I keep reminding her every time I check out the garage, but she hasn’t gotten me one yet…

Cowl on cat.
The new cowl is coming right along too. Check out the fun pattern.
Cat wearing knitting.
It really isn’t comfy to wear yet. She needs to take these crazy needles out so I can really cuddle in the yarn. This one is really soft and warm!
Snowy pine.
Look at the icicles in the trees. I wanted to go out to play in the snow, but NOPE! I didn’t get to have any fun.

It got cold and snowed early last week, and the Mother of Cats stayed home a couple of days because she is such a baby. I guess I should be fair… the weather forecast was broken. It was supposed to snow only an inch, and instead there was almost a foot of snow! She did shovel the walks and found these fun icicles in the pines. They made her think of the socks she is making to match her Clinkerbell Cowl, so she also worked on them one evening.

She is now starting the heel.

That’s it. Do you see all of this knitting that has been going on, and NOTHING is finished. Okay, there was a mitt done, but she needs to do the other one to wear it. Lazy Mother of Cats. She needs to devote herself to one thing at a time. She needs to listen to me more.

She needs to get me a mouse!!


I’m such a good boy.

Can I have some cookies now?


Notes from the Mother of Cats:

Author: Midnight Knitter

I weave, knit and read in Aurora, Colorado where my garden lives. I have 2 sons, a knitting daughter-in-law, a grandson and two exceptionally spoiled kittens. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a serious rare autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis along with Sjogren's Disease and fibromyalgia.

8 thoughts on “MacKenzie Speaks: WIP Progress”

  1. Dear MacKenzie: Scamp feels your pain…While her mother finished the cat quilts she made for her girls, she left them at home the first night and the second night, she brought them over but that camera keeps going *flash* in her face. She said she’d stop, so I climbed back on the cat quilt, but I can sense her just waiting for the pictures to load so she can try to snap another picture of me. You’d think she’d just let me take a nap. I hope you get your mouse and treats soon. My momma doesn’t give us enough treats either. Love, Scamp (and Tink). Momma said i should include Tink, who fell asleep as soon as momma got a picture.

    1. Dear Scamp: What is it with the cameras? Every time I wake up from a nap the Mother of Cats is there with the camera again!

      You got a cat quilt? I can hardly stand it I am so sick with envy. I never even thought to ask for a quilt. I’ll be lucky to get a blankie, and that’s only because the Mother of Cats wants to get a lot of yarn out of her stash. You and Tink are lucky, lucky cats! Tell her to get up and play with you.

      I’m holding out for a mouse!

      1. Dear MacKenzie, Mom isn’t knitting me a blanket. She doesn’t have enough yarn yet. She does make shawls, well…she’s trying one, and sometimes she lets me sit by it when she knits. I think you should get a mouse. Tell the Mother of Cats to get you a mouse…or knit you one. It cannot be that hard, right?
        Those blankets are nice, now that mom has left the camera put away.

  2. Oh MacKenzie you are a gem of a cat. So kind and patient. Maybe you should suggest a knitted mouse. A live one would only be fun for a short time. Oh I almost forgot, red really is your color. Maybe a red knitted mouse would do.

    The knits are lovely! I particularly love your mitten. In my stash I have yarn and fiber set aside for thrummed mittens but the thrums have me worried. Could you show what size piece of fiber you’re using?

    1. MacKenzie: I will tell her that a red knitted mouse with CATNIP will be adequate. A live mouse would be more fun…

      I learned a lot making the thrummed mitts. I look pictures of the thrums and planned another post. I will absolutely pay attention to the size for you… maybe take a picture with a ruler.

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