MacKenzie Speaks: Still Fading After All These Weeks…

Hi. I’m MacKenzie.

The Mother of Cats is still going off and leaving us for a few days at a time, and when she comes home again she spends her days lying around with a heating pad on her knees knitting away on another huge shawl.

Cat and Knitting
Do I look happy here? No, I do not!!!

See what I’m talking about? I can barely squish myself onto her lap with all of that yarn in the way. I mean, I ABSOLUTELY need to be on the heating pad, and I also expect to knead my paws on the balls of yarn, and you know that knitting without chomping hardly counts at all. Right? You’d think that if I purred loud enough the Mother of Cats would understand and she’d make allowances to ensure I had enough room, but she just keeps whapping me with the shawl. On my head!! Sure, she always says that she is sorry, but really, don’t you think that she should concentrate on my needs and put the knitting well off to the side? Is that too much to ask?

You have to admit that the shawl is growing pretty quickly. This is the way that it looked this morning. By this evening she had started on the 5th color. Yellow Boy and I were playing outside so we missed a lot of the knitting with that gold color. I really like that yarn, too, as silk and alpaca are kind of my chomping favorites. Have you ever tried yak? That is pretty yummy too…

While we were outside taking pictures we checked out the garden.

Cat and garden ornament
The garden squirrel come through the winter in good shape, but the flowers are still all dead looking.

I think that the Mother of Cats kind of misses the flowers because she planted some outside in the big planters this week. She says that these flowers can survive a snow storm. Snow? NO!! Cats do not like snow!

Aren’t these flowers nice? They aren’t the kind that we like to eat, but at least she is trying. We really want the catmint to start growing…

I think that these are her favorite colors because she put together the yarns for ANOTHER one of those Fade shawls and it looks a lot like the flowers!

Yarns for a shawl
Somehow she thinks that she will wear this shawl in the summer. It will look a little like her garden. It would be better if it looked like mice, garter snakes and cat cookies. Just saying…

The Mother of Cats has clearly lost her mind. Doesn’t she understand that all things should be done in moderation? (That doesn’t apply, of course, to cat cookies…) When is she going to make my cat hoodie? How about some socks? I never have any trouble sitting in her lap when she is knitting socks. She has these UFOs sitting around the house, but she is just ignoring them too. Maybe she could just read books for awhile with the heating pad on her knees so I could just hang out with her for a couple hours at a time. The heating pad works better when I’m purring on top of it…

I’m such a good boy!

Can I have some cookies now?


Notes from the Mother of Cats:

I continue to spend a couple of days a week with my sons helping out, who are dealing with ongoing health issues. It’s hard on the kitties, but such is life.

The shawl pattern is “Find Your Fade” by Andrea Mowrey. My project notes for the second shawl in the series are here. Each of the shawls lets me explore a different way to approach the colors and how I let them fade across the shawl. I’m having fun and busting my stash at the same time. Sorry MacKenzie!

March and April are the snowiest months of the year here in Colorado.  Just because it is nice and warm today doesn’t mean it won’t snow next week… Sad news for cats.

Author: Midnight Knitter

I weave, knit and read in Aurora, Colorado where my garden lives. I have 2 sons, a knitting daughter-in-law, a grandson and two exceptionally spoiled kittens. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a serious rare autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis along with Sjogren's Disease and fibromyalgia.

6 thoughts on “MacKenzie Speaks: Still Fading After All These Weeks…”

  1. MacKenzie: You are a patient kitty and so is Yellow boy. You know how you feel there are never enough cat cookies, that is how your mother feels about Find Your Fade shawls. You know how after a while even the tastiest cat cookie can get a little boring and routine and you want a different flavor, well that will happen eventually with the shawls too. Either that or the stash will run out of yarn…Well, maybe not…

    I hope your sons are doing ok. Your shawl is beautiful. The colors for the next one is gorgeous!

    1. MacKenzie: Can I have some cookies now?

      MK: Thanks for trying to explain these things to MacKenzie. As you can see, it would be hard to find a more self-centered kitty.

      I am so loving these shawls. I’m starting to dream of a one using yarns that have gray with other colors. The unifying color will be the gray. Hmmm… must hit the stash!

      My sons are doing pretty well. My older is now through two rounds of chemo (10 more to go) and is managing to work part-time, mostly from home. My younger son has his diabetes back under control and is going for his colon cancer screen on Monday, which is why I’m back up with him for the weekend.

      I am loving this latest shawl, and it was a huge hit when I took it to the knitting group on Wednesday. I’m hoping to get it done by next Wednesday, but that is probably too much…

      The stash will never run out of yarn…

  2. Your son is such a trooper to be able to work parttime from home while receiving chemo; kudos to him and wish him well. Glad your younger son is doing better. Your opinionated cat is a fun author. I love how you’re using your leftovers to make lovely items.

  3. Poor MacKenzie. Soon the weather will be too warm for the bog shawl and then there will be plenty of room for you again.
    The colors for Fade #2 are just awesome. Can’t believe how quickly it is coming together.
    And MacKenzie, just think, these shawls are big enough for you and your mother to curl up in. Now that sounds purrrrfect to me.

    1. MacKenzie : you may have a point. We napped under a shawl yesterday.

      MK: I just hit color number 6. This shawl is moving fast. I’m looking forward to cooler knitting weather this weekend.

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