MacKenzie Speaks: Fade, Fade, Fade!!

Hi. I’m MacKenzie.


The Mother of Cats has been knitting for DAYS AND DAYS on her new shawl. The same shawl. It is boring and endless, and since it is so large it has been really hard for me to get on her lap to yarn chomp help her. She’s been ignoring me and Yellow Boy, to be blunt.

It is with great relief that I can report that she finished the darn thing today and took it outside to take pictures of it.

Cat with Shawl
What do you think of these colors? I think that reds and grays look better with my fur, but the purple is OK I guess…

She acted really, really silly with this shawl. I mean, she completely ignored me as she wrapped herself in the shawl, ran around the yard and draped it on the fence and the tree trying to get nice pictures. Did I mention that the shawl is extremely large? (How do you like my word choice there? I’m a very smart cat!) She kept flipping parts of it around and when I swatted at tried to touch it she just persisted in jerking it away from me. I was trying to help her and she actually CHASED me off. I wasn’t even allowed to go into the front yard to take those pictures with her. I tried to pull on one corner of the shawl to help arrange it on the fence, and she completely over-reacted. If she hadn’t tried to pull back on the shawl it wouldn’t have gotten stuck on my claws. Hey, it was all her fault! I’m a good boy!

Shawl on Fence
Here’s the finished shawl hung on the back fence so you can see all the colors.
Shawl in Tree
and here it is hung in the tree out front so you can see the lace sections. Can you see me crying to be let out the front door? No, you can’t. She didn’t even include me in this photo.

Whew. Thank heavens she is finally done with this shawl. She should now start knitting things that I like. Maybe a catnip mouse? My little hoodie? Something small that will not interfere with lap sitting (yarn chomping) time?

Yarns for shawl
This is the yarn for another of the shawls. She started knitting with the dark gray yarn yesterday.

No!! She cast on another one of these giant shawls with lots and lots of colors. NOOOO!!!! Why doesn’t she pay more attention to my needs? Doesn’t she know that I am a unique cat with high maintenance needs? I need lots of petting, toys, catnip and play time.

I’m such a good boy.

Can I have some cookies now?


Notes from the Mother of Cats:

The shawl is a Find Your Fade by Andrea Mowrey. You can find the project notes here. I was struggling to make the colors “fade” across the shawl, so I used two skeins of the same September 2015 colorway (from the Dream in Color Club) to make connected “fades” on each side of the shawl. When I wear the shawl all the colors will come together (I hope). I am really, really happy with the final product; also want to point out that I got the purple yarn in and it looks great!! MacKenzie doesn’t know this, but I also have started a collection of yarns for a third fade shawl to follow the one that I started last night. So many yarns and colors, so many ideas on how to combine them. What a great stash buster this is, too.

Sorry, MacKenzie.

Author: Midnight Knitter

I weave, knit and read in Aurora, Colorado where my garden lives. I have 2 sons, a knitting daughter-in-law, a grandson and two exceptionally spoiled kittens. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a serious rare autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis along with Sjogren's Disease and fibromyalgia.

24 thoughts on “MacKenzie Speaks: Fade, Fade, Fade!!”

  1. MacKenzie: You are a kind and patient boy to put up with shawl knitting. Not every pet is so tolerant. I’m sure there will be treats for you and maybe a spot of sun on the floor for you to lay in while the next shawl (ahem, or two or five) are knit.
    Gorgeous shawl! The colors are stunning. I can’t wait to see the next one and the next one….

    1. MacKenzie: I know; the Mother of Cats is lucky to have me, not to mention my sidekick Yellow Boy. I deserve lots of extra cookies and attention because I am so patient with this whole shawl knitting thing!

      I helped her with the new shawl this evening. We are now on the second color. Wait until you see the next pictures!

  2. I was very entertained with your cat-author, especially the description of its Cat Mama moving about the yard while pictures were taken, LOL. How great you must feel with this now off the needles! Wonderful finish.

    1. I really wasn’t completely sure about how the shaping happened until I finished binding off, and then like magic I had this absolutely wonderful shawl that I just love. The designer is just too clever – can you sense me bowing down to her through the computer?

      The cats pretty much own the yard during the winter months, so when I go out there to take pictures they are just thrilled. MacKenzie especially is a pill as he swarms all over me and whatever I’m trying to do. It’s a exercise in patience and joy getting the shots.

      MacKenzie: That’s right. Can I have some cookies now?

  3. I don’t mean to be insensitive, MacKenzie, but WOW!!!! Your mother’s shawl is gorgeous!! It does seem like an oversight that she hasn’t figured out a way for you to lap sit while she’s knitting, but at least it’s been for a good cause. Maybe she’ll sneak in a catnip mouse or two between shawl rows at some point soon. Meanwhile, let me mention that you are dashingly handsome. That has to count for something, right?

    1. MacKenzie: I am exceptionally photogenic, aren’t I? It’s in the genes.

      Marilyn: Thanks! I agonized about the colors so much, and then once I had made the final decisions I was so happy with what came off the needles. Can’t wait to wear it tomorrow to knitting to show off.

  4. MacKenzie, don’t feel too bad, as cat-mama of two I also enforce the no yarn chomping rule 🙂 And also no wool toys (as a spinner I have too much wool that might form felt balls(worse than fur balls) it it was ingested!
    Beautiful shawl! keep knitting, and maybe place part of the shawl on a chair or couch so you can have half a lap free?

    1. I know what you mean about the spinning. I keep all of the fiber carefully locked down, and I am just so careful about yarn scraps because I know that at least one of the cats (ahem…MacKenzie) is capable of gulping down a length of yarn if I don’t keep my eye on him.

      I do try to leave room for the big Mac on my lap while I’m knitting, but he gets annoyed if I accidentally whap him while turning the work to knit a row back. If I wake his up the yarn chomping will start again…

      I love a cat with a strong personality, don’t you? 🙂

  5. Oh MacKenzie boy, you have to learn that the mother of cats loves your company but claws and yarn don’t mix!!! It helps far more when you sit quietly next to the shawl and then we all get to see beautiful photos of you too! Hi mother of cats, I’ve been thinking about you, I hope all the knitting is proving therapeutic! Your shawl is beautiful!. I’m hoping to dye some yarn up special for a find your fade shawl, I’ve seen so many gorgeous example. The idea being to knit it on holiday but that’s not until August so I’m not so sure I can last until then!

    1. All things are better with knitting. I’m still struggling with symptoms, but I’m good enough to be up and about a few hours a day, so I’m better. 🙂 My kids are maintaining and I’m able to cook, run errands and help them.

      MacKenzie: superior cats such as myself must be IN the yarn. I wants it and I must have it!!

      Mother of Cats: you see the problem here…

  6. Gorgeous! I love Andrea Mowry’s designs. I think I’ll add this one to my ever-growing project queue. Now go give that kitty some love! 😻

    1. Thank you! That bad kitty got me up two hours before the alarm went off. Now he’s outside chillin’ out with the local wildlife. Maybe some love (and cookues!) later on…

  7. This is probably the most gorgeous find your fade I’ve ever seen. Your color choices are spot on! It’s amazing. What pride you must have in this finished object! So lovely. I hear my chosen yarn has shipped, so apparently I’ll be attempting to make one too, and if it turns out half as pretty as yours, I’ll be dead chuffed.

  8. Your Fade is gorgeous! I think all of Andrea Mowrey’s patterns that I have worked on are clever.

    Glad for the update on you and your kids. I have been thinking of all of you.

    MacKenzie: You will be on a yarn chomping diet for a bit longer. Poor kitty! 🐱

  9. The shawl is absolutely beautiful. For those following this blog, I can attest that in person, it is amazing. I could not stop looking at how the color changes blended into one another. Superb job MK!.

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