The Cat Days of Summer

It is still hot here and things are really slowing down. Most of the plants in the garden have stopped blooming and the cats are on strike under the largest bushes in the yard trying to stay cool. Smoke from western USA wildfires have made the air quality where I live less than optimal so I’ve been staying indoors as much as possible; this is easy because… Olympics! Prime knitting weather!! Today I’m watching volleyball (Serbia vs. USA. Go USA!!) and cranking away on the Antarktis shawl. Okay, that’s enough detail. Here are the pictures. 🙂

Close-up of Knitting
I’m loving the colors of my Antarktis shawl
Here’s a shot that better shows my progress. I’m now at about the halfway point.
I’m about half way through the Hawkshaw cowl too. I love, love, love this yarn from Spincycle Yarns.
Butterfly bush
My butterfly bush has finally started to bloom, about the only color in the entire yard. Not that any butterflies are bothering to come see the bush in the heat. Even the grass has stopped growing. Mostly it is managing to stay alive. Mostly.
The cats are too hot to chase any butterflies, anyway. Yellow Boy sleeps spread out on the damp ground under a shady bush.
Yellow Boy: I can haz matted fur…

That right. This cat grows new balls of matted fur daily. I’ve been shaving him when they get really bad, but he can get a little scary while this is going on (growling makes me nervous, and then there are those teeth!) so we do what we can. Last night I got almost everything off except some lumps of fur on his chest. This should be an Olympic event! I wonder who would get scored… me or the cat? We could call it single-handed cat clipping. Points are deducted if you resort to using a foot or sustain a scratch.

MacKenzie: I have superior fur: no fur mats for me!

Last week I went to see my primary care physician and she ordered me the oxygen-to-go equipment and changed my blood pressure meds. Now my heart rate is up, my blood pressure is down, and my oxygen levels are better. I feel pretty good and have stopped the daytime oxygen. OK, I take the support tank with me when I leave the house, but things are still better. It’s a win!!

So that’s the cat days of summer. Olympics, heat, matted cat fur, oxygen level checks, and knitting marathons.

I’m on the home stretch of the Antarktis shawl. Time to decide which shawl to knit next.



Author: Midnight Knitter

I weave, knit and read in Aurora, Colorado where my garden lives. I have 2 sons, a knitting daughter-in-law, a grandson and two exceptionally spoiled kittens. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a serious rare autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis along with Sjogren's Disease and fibromyalgia.

15 thoughts on “The Cat Days of Summer”

  1. Love the idea of an Olympic event for cat clipping! Lolol! I also love the thought of you happily knitting away and feeling better! I’m so glad things are looking up. Take care!

  2. I love your color choices, both for the shawl and the cowl! Glad to hear your oxygen levels are better & your BP is down; I have high BP too, and it feels awful when it’s too high. So glad you got your meds & oxygen sorted out!

    1. I have been controlling my BP pretty well, but the beta blocker (atenolol) I was on really lower my heart rate and was contributing to the low oxygen levels. My primary changed me to another drug that doesn’t lower my heart rate and like magic I’m doing better!! So grateful for the fix. I haven’t had to use daytime oxygen all week!!

  3. The cats are adorable and the knitting is lovely. I wonder if you ever tried a tiny crushed bit of onion and honey mixed, a tablespoonful for your asthma? It worked wonders for me when my Asthalin (the allopathic medicine for asthma here in India) stopped working for me. My asthma had left me before I even reached the sofa from the kitchen where I had my onion and honey spoonful.

    1. I’ve never heard of that! So glad it worked for you. I don’t think that will help me as my lung disease is being caused by the antibodies and isn’t really asthma… it just looks like it. 😦 My doctors increased the dose of my immunosuppresant drug and months later things were better. The inhaler helps when I’m in trouble, but if it’s too bad I have to go on oxygen.

      1. okay. hope things keep on getting better. considering how cool and strong you are and with MacKensie and company to cheer you up, and the lovely writing, life is just going to walk calmly ahead, as cheerfully as it can

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