Rocking the Week #6

Here is my crazy week with a lot of picture support.

Bee on blooms.
Last Thursday I went to the first appointment with palliative care. On the way in from the parking lot I had to walk under blooming trees. Look! The first bee of the season. 🙂 You know, it was hard to get this shot with the phone camera… I think that I entertained some of the other visitors to the clinic while I chased this little guy around.

I’m pretty sure I’ve flunked out of palliative care. Here’s the problem: I need someone to help me manage my overall medical care (since I have six different doctors at this point…) but they don’t really do that. They do help people with serious end of life decisions and provide medical options to ensure their comfort; I got some great advice and then they kind of turned me loose back into the health care stream. I’m kind of a catch and release palliative care patient: they will call every three months to check on me, but basically I’m doing pretty well. I have a serious illness, but I’m not yet seriously ill enough to really justify taking up their time. I’m already doing a lot of the things that they encourage patients to do (and so do all of you, too.) It’s really important to do something that helps with stress like meditation (or knitting, spinning, and weaving!) and they told me to start keeping a journal (Oh, you blog? Never mind! Just carry on with that, they said.) Really, it was encouraging. They told me to use the inhaler as much as I want and to go to more frequent appointments with my primary care doctor. Check. I can do that. 🙂

It is good to think about end of life decisions, though. Here’s how I reacted: I called my kids (and grandson) and told them that we need to all go to Walt Disney World for a fun vacation. We will ride the Monorail, buy Micky Mouse ear hats, go to the Star Wars attractions, and it will be wonderful. I’m also systematically cleaning out all of my junk from cupboards and the garage. Does anyone want my Great-Aunt Alice’s set of crystal platters? How about a classroom set of homemade DNA models? A well-used heavy duty 3-hole punch? Right. All those things are out of here!!

Friday I decided to go wild and made homemade chickpea hummus using the recipe from fellow blogger Ros (Cooking Up The Pantry). I cooked the chickpeas in my crock pot for 6 hours on low, and then everything went into the food processor. Oh, my goodness! Several days later I am still eating it with veggies and warmed flat bread. Yumm!! All of the food Ros has in her blog is to die for. Seriously. I would knit for her for food.
I’m still weaving on the dishtowels. I’m getting towards the end of the warp: this is the fifth towel in the set. Weaving is really quality time for me. I worry about the plot of the book I’m reading, come up with my grocery shopping list, and dream up new patterns for fingerless mitts. Once I’m in the zone it is like magic.
The last two days have been warm and I’ve started clearing out the flower beds. Look! Pansies that survived the winter!
and of course the Phlox has started blooming. I have a big bed of this and it keeps sending out satellite colonies of phlox all over the yard.
Not only did the phlox start blooming, I got the Waiting for Rain (by Sylvia Bo Bilvia) shawl finished. The colors in this yarn look just like the phlox to me. This is a perfect springtime shawl! Here are my project notes on Ravelry.
Edge of shawl.
Isn’t the yarn yummy? this is LYDIA sock yarn in the colorway Garden Party. I added a picot edge to the bind off. 
Book and knitting
Tonight I’m working on my Snowfling Mitts again and reading my current book. The suspense in the book is just killing me. Every few chapters I have to take a little knitting break. 🙂 If you can’t read the title that is Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline.

It has been really nice this week; warm and sunny with blooms and bees. However, this is Colorado; we have a winter storm warning posted for tomorrow because a humongous storm is roaring in to dump huge amounts of moisture for the next 5 days. Seriously. I’m wondering how many inches of snow is made by four inches of water. The storm is the big story on the news and each update reports it to be building in intensity from the last report. Yikes! Maybe I should pick up speed on the mitten knitting.

That’s OK. I have hummus, books and yarn. I am all good.

Have a great weekend everyone. If you should happen to see a snow shovel, think of me.




Author: Midnight Knitter

I weave, knit and read in Aurora, Colorado where my garden lives. I have 2 sons, a knitting daughter-in-law, a grandson and two exceptionally spoiled kittens. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a serious rare autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis along with Sjogren's Disease and fibromyalgia.

17 thoughts on “Rocking the Week #6”

  1. Rather disappointing that they couldn’t give you the support you need, although I guess it’s good that you’re not bad enough to have their help yet! Hopefully you can find some other facility that is able to support you. Your plans for a family trip sounds great and any excuse for a bit more creative time 😉 your shawl looks amazing. As far as the weather goes. Apparently an inch of rain is a foot of snow so hopefully it’ll fall as rain!!

    1. It was a pretty disappointing visit, especially since these doctor appointments eat away at my available energy. The good news is that I’m now on their radar and can contact them if things go downhill.

      I’m hoping that we will have more rain than snow. There is a lot of water coming…

      1. I came through it OK, but there are a lot of tree branches broken around town. 😦 I’m going to take the pruners with me on my next outing to snag some blooms. 🙂

  2. A mixed bag of news so to speak in regards to the palliative care visit it seems. You are very proactive and inspiring to me. In regards to your Disney plans I like the easywdw dot com site. He visits Disney very frequently and give tons of tips on food, pricing, wait times, best times to go, etc. I like that he is very honest (and often times sarcastic) in his reviews of Mouseland as he is not paid by Disney to report on only good things. 🙂 With your health conditions I think you would benefit from his calendars of crowds etc. I really like that Waiting for Rain Shawl. I have seen it a bit and really want to knit one up. I really do like the yarn you chose for it as well. Good luck with the Snowfling Mitts and I hope you don’t get tons of snow this weekend! Hoping some of that rain will come our way as we have been having drought conditions in this part of eastern Ks.

    1. Hey, I think that the rain/snow is headed your way. There has been an amazing amount of water today and I know the plains east of Denver.

      The whole health care adventure just keeps on rolling; yesterday the pulmonologist’s office called to say I need to go on oxygen overnight. They finally got another test result in, and I really am having breathing issues. I’m sad, but also feeling validated for being assertive enough to insist on the pulmonary medicine referral. 🙂

      We’re thinking of taking our trip right after hurricane season when park visitor numbers are down and will stay in a hotel with good access to transportation and limited walking. Thanks for the planning site.

      1. The rain did indeed come our way for once. Hooray! I am sorry that you all got hit with so much snow. It is hard to see the damage to all the gorgeous spring flowers and the flowering trees. I read the next post and saw where you have a new oxygen machine. My dad rarely uses his and wonders why is blood oxygen levels are low and why he feels so tired, etc all the time…… I am glad that you noticed a difference already with using it at night. I hope you benefit greatly from the machine and the cats learn that it is not so evil!! LOL

      2. MacKenzie is totally on board with the machine at this point. Yellow Boy may someday be brave. 🙂

        Wow. It is wonderful to have enough oxygen! I’m noticing that my muscles don’t hurt as much and I’m so much better when I get up in the mornings. Tell your dad to at least use it at night!

    1. Thanks. Actually I’m not sure I’m all that special. I’m just focusing on the things before me and refusing to worry about what can’t be changed. It is easier to be happy than sad. 🙂

      1. You have a wonderful attitude! Good for you.

        I’m new here. Thanks for popping over to my blog. Your shawl is gorgeous and so is the start of your garden. Doe the storms invigorate the growth?

        I love your moniker: Midnight Knitter. Clever indeed. Alys

      2. Thanks for your kind comments. The storms do not help my garden at all other than giving things a good soaking as the snow melts. My poor roses are sitting under sheets and tablecloths right now; I put tomato cages between the roses so they wouldn’t get smashed by the weight of the snow. I have some nice bedding plants that I want to put out, but they are still in the garage. In general gardens here can’t be started until May.

        Oh, I am the Midnight Knitter. That’s when I get some of my best knitting done. 🙂

      3. Sorry to hear about the damage from the storms. What a clever idea to use tomato cages to support your roses. May is just around the corner and hopefully fine weather is yours soon.

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