Yellow Charles Darwin rose.

Well, this was a challenging summer. I started out the spring working outside almost everyday doing landscaping, weeding, mulching and other projects related to the flower gardens. I just love the sunshine, and the roses were loving all of the attention.

In early May the bottom fell out. I got sick: I was dizzy, disoriented, my joints and muscles hurt, and my GI tract decided it wasn’t my friend anymore. I seemed to get worse after spending a day outside, so I stayed indoors more. The poor roses suffered.

Still, some of them got enough attention to make a good start. Here’s what popped up this year of rose neglect.

Yellow Charles Darwin rose.
No respectable biology teacher can have a rose garden without a Charles Darwin rose, Here it is! Any struggling plant gets transferred to this garden, which I call Darwin’s Garden.
Pink rose
This beautiful girl came through an early frost like a champ. It was saved by the judicious use of a black trash bag one night of freezing rain that was followed by a day of tree-shredding hail. This is the Princess Alexandra of Kent rose that rules in my garden of Victorian tea roses and violas.
Shredded Roses
Here are the poor little Home Run roses by my driveway after that hail storm. ..
Home Run Roses
This is what the Home Run looked like on the day that I planted them. The shrubs recovered over the summer and are now 2.5 feet tall and covered with blooms. Boy, are they hardy!
Hot Cocoa Rose
My Hot Cocoa rose came through and bloomed in June. Here it is in the rain.

So the summer wasn’t a complete bust. Even though they were kind of neglected I did manage to feed and prune them. Some of my roses were eaten alive by bugs: something to figure out next summer. The roses in the garden by the front door look so bad that I think I will rip them out next year and put in something else, Maybe I will move them to Darwin’s Garden.


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