Rocked by the Week

Wow, the week just sort of rushed by without me getting much of anything done. Mostly I have been going to doctor’s appointments and getting tests done; lots of energy being drained away without a single knitted object to show for it. What is up with that?!! This week I didn’t do any rocking; it was more like getting rocked by the week this time.

Still, there have been accomplishments. Check out the finally finished slippers that I made from the Dream in Color kit I bought a few weeks ago:

The color is a little dark as it was really cloudy when I took the shot. These are the Pleasant Pheasant Slippers (by Laura Neel) made with Classy with Cashmere in the February 2016 colorway. So nice and comfy!!
Here a shot I took of the slippers the sunny day I started them. Aren’t the colors fabulous? They are very warm and cushy, and did I mention the cashmere?
I am still working (and working and working) on my Waiting for Rain shawl. It is getting there. Really, it is…

But mostly I spent the week in doctors offices or in bed reading my latest series of compulsive reads: the Cat in the Stacks series by Miranda James. They are fast cozy mystery reads that feature a murder-mystery solving librarian with a giant Maine Coon cat sidekick. I enjoy the books, but it kind of bothers me that the cat on the front cover, who is excessively handsome, is not really looking all that much like a Maine Coon to me. I kind of know about this because Yellow Boy is a Maine Coon mix.

He has a huge ruff, lots of hair in his ears, and those paws! They are giant, furry Ugg-boot paws with fur between all of his toe pads. Yellow Boy isn’t a giant cat, but if he was he would look like this guy who has been traveling the internet…
Diesel, the cat in the book is 35 pounds. Kind of like this guy I think. Maine Coons have lots of fur, and then there is the tail!
book cover
Here’s a cover from one of the books. Handsome cat, but where is the ruff and huge fluffy tail? 

Still, a small detail. Perhaps the artist had a particularly well groomed cat for the model. The mysteries are fun and I am chomping right through them. There is a housekeeper named Azalea in the books who takes care of the house cleaning, shopping and leaves yummy food in the fridge for people to eat when she isn’t cooking up killer breakfasts for them. She even does the laundry. I need Azalea. Seriously, maybe one of the doctors can write a prescription for Azalea for me. 🙂

I hoarded up energy so I could go to the Interweave Yarn Fest on Friday. What a trip! What a great day! But that, my friends, is another blog post.



When the going gets tough, the tough get… knitting!

This is it. I’m pretty sure that I am back. Right after Christmas I got sick with the flu, one thing led to another, and I was taken off the drugs that I take to treat my systemic sclerosis (scleroderma). Yep. My autoimmune condition flared of course. Two weeks ago I was finally cleared to start my immunosuppressant drugs again.

Hello energy! Wow. This week a surge of creativity arrived. I was up and pulling together projects right and left while cleaning house (and putting away the Christmas decorations). About freaking time, huh. My poor yarn stash had started to despair. The loom was considering contacting an adoption agency (that darn spinning wheel put it up to it. He has always been a trouble maker…). Even the car was becoming depressed.

My energy level has come up just in time. Three weeks ago my internist sat down with me and gave me some bad news: I have developed symptoms that suggest that my lungs are now under attack and becoming scarred. I kind of expected it as I have been having shortness of breath episodes, but still it isn’t a good development. I made an appointment with the rheumatologist. Yesterday I saw him, he decided to increase my drug dosage, and he also ordered lung testing for next week. When I came out the door from the clinic the wind was blowing, the sun was shining, and I was happy to be alive. No matter what happens next week, this week I am full of energy and feeling pretty good. Got to love these drugs!!

So I decided to not go right home. I went shopping!! Hello! The rheumatologist is located in a city north of Denver near a major yarn store, Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins in Boulder, Colorado. I have needs. The loom is making threats…

Home woven dishtowels
At Christmas my cousin admired my dishtowels. I want a couple more of the white/color checked towels, and she wants the towels with no white. Time to warp the loom, but I am out of the white and light blue cotton. There. That is a good enough reason to go to the yarn (and weaving) store. 🙂

I found the cotton that I needed pretty quickly. As I tried to walk to the checkout counter I happened to see the Dream Club kits…

January Dream Club
The January Dream Club kit had this dreamy cashmere blend fingering yarn and a pattern to make cute mitts and a head scarf. The pattern is called Blue Jean Boheme (by Kalurah Hudson) and while I’m not wild about the scarf, I really like the mitts. I bet I can get two pairs of mitts out of this yarn. Maybe a pair of mitts and a pair of bed socks…

While I was thinking about the bed socks the happy colors of the February Dream Club kit jumped out at me.

February Dream Club
Cashmere blend slippers in the happiest colors ever! This is the February Dream Club kit and the pattern that comes with it is called Pleasant Pheasant Slippers by Lara Neel. Say that fast three times! The yarn is worsted weight and called Classy with Cashmere.

I don’t know how those kits jumped into my arms. It just happened. Clutching the cones of cotton for the dishtowels and the bagged kits I managed to get up to the check out counter and found…

Isn't that the truth!
Isn’t that the truth!

Okay, I did find some more yarn to add to the pile, but I’m going to save it for a future post. I piled back into the car with all of my happy finds and headed south back towards home through some of the strongest wind in recent memory. Seriously, I was dodging tumbleweeds (while on an elevated overpass!) and playing chicken with wobbly tractor trailer trucks as I raced along through clouds of dust and howling 60 mph wind. It perfectly matched my mood of recklessly joyous living.

My last stop on the way home was at a jewelry store where I bought a new teal colored bead for my Pandora bracelet.

Teal is the color for scleroderma awareness ribbons. This is my own personal “Be Brave” bracelet.

I am rocking the knitting tonight wearing my bracelet. This weekend I will get the warp wound for the dishtowels and the loom will get warped up early next week. You know I’ll be wearing the bracelet when I go for the pulmonary function testing next week.

I am tough. I knit!!