Goodbye 2021: Year’s End

This is the last update for the year 2021. You know, 2020 was a pretty bad year for both me and the world, but 2021 just plain outdid itself. THIS HAS BEEN A HORRIBLE YEAR!!!! Seriously, I have been reflecting on all the horribleness of the year, and it is multilayered in the just plain awfulness of it. Here is some of the angst, anger, and sadness in a nutshell.

If you aren’t wearing a mask these days, shame on you!! I have been in lockdown for two stinking years (!) and I am over all your anti-public health nonsense.

If you are one of the doctors who told me that there wasn’t anything that you could do for me (and to not come back), or that I had sleep apnea, or that I needed to exercise more, or that my tests showed that I was fine and you would just continue to monitor my symptoms… shame on you!!! I finally received credible diagnoses this fall (from new doctors) that explained my symptoms. You know, the ones that you ignored or dismissed all those times I came to get help… It is good to get diagnosed, but in this case it is also a mixed blessing as my condition cannot be reversed and management is going to be difficult. Shame. On. You!!!

If you are one of the people who believe that the election in the US was stolen and that the answer is to impede the ability of American citizens to vote, or to create a provision that allows the legislatures of some states to just overturn the results of elections, or to resort to violence… shame on you!!!!

Did you notice that the number of exclamation marks kept growing? That’s how much shame is attached to those targets. There, I got that off my chest and let’s hope that things go a little better in the coming year.

True to its rotten black heart 2021 went out in absolutely dreadful and ironic fashion. First the dreadful.

We are in an extreme drought where I live and everything is brown. The grass, the fields, the bushes and even some of the evergreen trees are now brown.

Last Thursday, December 30th, we had a high wind event in my state of Colorado as a major weather front pushed its way towards us over the Rocky Mountains. In the area around Boulder, Colorado the gusts were extreme (one was clocked at 115 mph) and the sustained winds through the day were around 75 mph. Several fires started and swept through dried fields and brush towards housing developments and towns with horrifying speed. There was nothing that could be done as subdivisions, stores, and hospitals were evacuated; the fire crews set up base in the parking lot of a mall where they could best defend themselves while waiting for a break in the wind. No joy there throughout the afternoon and early evening. There were heartbreaking scenes of burning homes by others covered in Christmas lights. People parked along the major freeway hoping to see if their home was still standing. The historic downtown area of a town I have frequented in the past was lost.

At around 3pm I realized that the worst fire was near my son’s home in northern Westminster. As the evacuation zone continued to grow to within a mile of him we started to make plans to get him and his pets out safely. It was a nightmare as firetruck after firetruck rushed north towards the fire line in the night past his windows. By midnight the winds had died down, the fire stopped its spread to the south, and my son was safe. Daylight the next day showed that the damage was just horrific. Almost 1,000 homes have been lost, thousands are displaced, and the hunt for the missing is ongoing. There is information about all of this here.

Then the storm arrived on New Year’s Eve.

In a cruel twist of irony, after failing to deliver any real snow all fall and early winter, the winter storm arrived New Year’s Eve with snow, icy roads, and bitter cold. Like, we started the day at 3 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday. Serious, serious cold after weeks of warm sunny weather. All those poor people who escaped with only the clothes on their backs in the wind/fire event now have to deal with this. Bad 2021, bad!!

And that, thankfully, was the end of the year.

I also finished my Kevat sweater in the final days of the year.

It is wet and blocking in this photo, but not finished. See the loose ends of yarn?

I did finish the sweater with the ribbing and I-cord to make nice open and clean edges. I decided to block and try on the sweater again before knitting on a little lace edging onto the bottom; if the length is exactly right there won’t be any lace added. I did do a little math, however, and I do have exactly the right number of stitches to do the lace. It’s a sign, right?

Mateo: Happy New Year

Hannah and Mateo (AKA the Coalbear) and I all wish you all a Happy New Year. May things take a turn for the better with the coming weeks and months.

And 2022, you had better behave yourself or I’ll be sending you out on a walk of shame, too. I do have to warn you, however, that I am a little concerned with how you are starting out…

Because this year we are going to learn how to cope with a million new Covid cases a day in the US, and I am going to deal with this whole broken heart thing that I have going on, and we are going to f*cking save democracy. Shape up quick 2022, because this is the tough time, and you had better show some backbone, because I expect you to fight like you really mean it for the things that are really important.

Author: Midnight Knitter

I weave, knit and read in Aurora, Colorado where my garden lives. I have 2 sons, a knitting daughter-in-law, a grandson and two exceptionally spoiled kittens. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a serious rare autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis along with Sjogren's Disease and fibromyalgia.

22 thoughts on “Goodbye 2021: Year’s End”

  1. This year was thoroughly afwul and I’m really sorry that it was even harder for you, who are forced into “hiding” because of some people careless behaviour. Thank God you have knitting and reading to keep you sane.
    I agree on all your Shame accounts.
    Let us hope for some improvement in 2022… fingers and paws crossed

  2. Glad to hear that you and your son are safe from that horrific fire. I was thinking about you, not sure where in the Denver area you live. After these back-to-back shameful years (I might use a different word beginning with sh….) I am afraid to say that 2022 is sure to be better, but we can still hope.

    1. I live further out on the plains to the east of Denver, but where I live is much like the environment where this fire happened. Fields and open spaces with lots and lots of vegetation around the residential areas. We have wide swaths of natual vegetation that follows the waterways that allows wildlife to move through the neighborhoods, and all of that is what let the fires rip into the neighborhoods so quickly. I hope that we come out of our drought soon.
      I have high hopes for 2022, but for sure it will be starting out rocky.

    1. I think that I am overdue! It was such a battle both emotionally and physically to push for answers that required several medical procedures in a flipping pandemic, but I got there. We are all due for some breaks in this coming year.

  3. I felt like standing up and clapping reading your post, especially the last paragraph. I’m glad your son is safe. I’m glad you have doctors that listen to you now. I’m also glad you are sane and believe in science.

    1. Oh, I am totally a “show me the evidence” science type of girl. I am just shocked and appalled by the lies, the suspension of reality, and lack of civil behavior that we are all witnessing these days. 2022 had better come through for us, huh!

  4. Here’s hoping for many better things in 2022. I don’t think you’re alone in your feelings about 2021! And having had a fire/evacuation scenario here several years ago involving us, 2 dogs, a cat, and 4 horses, my heart went out to you and your son and I am glad you were able to navigate that awful event and your son and pets are all safe.

    1. Oh, I feel for you with your evacuation! There was a huge scramble to get the horses especially out of the fire zones and the different evacuation locations quickly filled and they kept diverting people to new areas. I have an awful feeling that some pets were lost as the fires spread so quickly that people weren’t able to get home. Such a sad event but so happy that my son’s home was spared.

  5. I admire your strength and I also share your outrage, disappointment, disgust, and frustration with all the things you’ve named, and more. I’m so glad you’ve pushed for the right answers, but I’m sorry you’ve had to fight for them. We’re always our own best advocate, but we still have to fight uphill with the very people that should be there to help and support us on medical journeys. As for the fires, what a horrific end to the year. When I first saw the news clip, I thought “oh that must be from earlier this year.” I never dreamed Colorado would have such dry conditions and high temps in December that would allow for the rapid and devastating spread of that fire. I’m relieved to hear your son is safe, but heartbroken for all who’ve lost so much. We’re no stranger to wildfires here in California, so I understand the devastation and loss. Arms around you. xo Alys

    1. I think that we all need to speak up and let the general public and especially the people in authority know how we feel now. It’s more about advocating for ourselves. My county just voted to leave the public health authority over mask mandates and I am just crushed. I literally now cannot shop in my own county!! This is just insane.
      We are also used to wildfires here in Colorado but they are mostly mountain fires; this was a plains wildfire which is just shocking. The news yesterday reported that we had less moisture over the last 6 months then Death Valley! Thank you, climate change.
      Thanks for the hugs and back at you!!

  6. I think knitting, books, gardening and the cats have been your life savers the last 2 years. I hope 2022 improves for you and the world. We had a rose bloom this week and now there’s snow. This climate change is crazy. I’m glad you and your son were safe during the fires.

    1. Absolutely! I’m dealing with lockdown so much better than many others because my illness had already taken me there gradually over several years. Thank heavens for the kitties!! We do have more snow coming in this week (tomorrow) and I hope that the extreme drought eases up some. They are getting a lot of snow in the mountains right now. A blooming rose! As I was clearing out the last of the snow from the weekend I notices that the snapdragons are still alive and blooming. This is just nuts, right?!

  7. Excellent post – you tell ’em! Here’s hoping that 2022 will be a much better year. So glad you have good doctors now that listen to you and that you have Hannah and Coalbear, and that you and your son are all OK 🙂

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