Hannah’s World: Bug Hunt!

Hi. I’m Hannah.

Do a look a little startled? That’s because Kitten Mom woke me up for this picture.

I’ve been very busy the last two weeks. I’m growing like a weed (that’s what Kitten Mom says…) and I’m learning lots of new things and developing some wonderful skills. I can now streak up the screen door all the way to the top every time the Kitten Mom tries to come in! I love to race through my crackly tube when we go downstairs. I can jump higher and race faster then ever, and there are so many wonderful things that I can do now.

Like hunt bugs!

This moth was hanging out on the wall in the bedroom one night…
when I saw it!

I launched right into motion! I flew past the Kitten Mom’s head, pushed off the headboard, and hit the wall right next to the moth. I knocked some stuff off the table as I followed the moth down (who knew the Kitten Mom could grab a falling lamp that fast! Almost kitten-like in her reflexes…) That moth took off across the floor and I dove through a gap under the table to grab it mid-air. What an awesome move! I looked like the kitten version of She-Ra!! Then the moth darted sideways and flew into the bookshelf…

Hey, where did it go? I saw it fly in here, but now it is gone…

I found one of the wings on the floor, but the moth is just gone. I’ve been looking for it for days now in the bookshelf and there just isn’t any sign of it. Hey, that is so unfair! I wasn’t done playing with it yet! I’ve looked in the bathtub, and under the bed, and all through the bookshelf several times, but I still can’t find it. Darn.

I asked MacKnitzie where the moth is and he doesn’t know either.

Today I got over the moth and doubled down on playing with the water in the toilet. The Kitten Mom keeps messing with it and the WATER MOVES!! This is so cool. Almost as cool as the moth.


Forget the toilet. I still want my moth. Maybe tonight it will be there if I push down more books…

Notes from the Kitten Mom:

Hannah is a very effective bug hunter and has located several creepy crawlies since she came to live with me. I don’t know whether to be grateful that she locates those spiders or horrified that there are spidersย  for her to run to ground. Anyway, she plays with them until I take them away. Moths, however, are where she shines as she can instantly transform into an athletic airborne kitten wonder. Who knew?

Author: Midnight Knitter

I weave, knit and read in Aurora, Colorado where my garden lives. I have 2 sons, a knitting daughter-in-law, a grandson and two exceptionally spoiled kittens. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a serious rare autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis along with Sjogren's Disease and fibromyalgia.

24 thoughts on “Hannah’s World: Bug Hunt!”

  1. Hannah: Way to go! Show that moth you are the hunter!
    Iโ€™m so glad Hannah is keeping you busy and your reflexes sharp:) She really is the purrfect addition to your life right now:)

    1. She is. I realize I was dealing with low level depression for awhile there when I realized that not only was the pandemic not coming under control, but I wasn’t going to EVER be able to leave stay-at-home because people were refusing to wear masks. I’m doing much better with the little bundle of kitten energy brightening my days, ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hannah: I am the hunter!!! Send a moth and I’ll show you!

  2. My darling Tink is the main bug chaser in this house…However, it is Scamp who waits until I’m mostly asleep, then makes a three to four foot leap from my bed to a high shelf to liberate some stuffed animals from their post on a high bookshelf. Tink occasionally helps, but the Scamp leaps are legendary.

    1. I used to have a Maine Coon who was really something at catching bugs, but I don’t remember him as athletic as this. He was really good at chasing garter snakes, though!! MacKenzie was the master of the giant leap onto the bookshelf when it was time to go to sleep. Hannah is kind of a bundle of all the endearing characteristics of all my other cats.

  3. LOL! Hannah, you should take it a little easy on Kitten Mom, but good for you on your amazing bug hunting abilities!
    Kitten Mom – you have an adorable girl ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep the stories coming, and hope you are still feeling well!

    1. Hannah: I still can’t find that moth but a new box came from Chewy with more toys!! Kitten Mom has been playing with me with a giant pink bug on a stick.
      I’ll try to keep Hannah stories coming. She isn’t all up in my business like MacKenzie was so it is harder to get the pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚

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