Hannah’s World: It’s My Birthday!!

Hi. I’m Hannah.

I’m exactly 4 months old today. Don’t I look wonderful?

It’s also been a whole month since I came home from the scary cat shelter to live with Kitten Mom. I was really upset the whole way home in the car and then cried whenever I lost sight of her for days. It was a scary time for me. The Kitten Mom petted me a lot, fed me yummy kitten food, and gave me lots of toys. I love my toys!! I take them everywhere with me.

I learned how to climb the screen door.
I started taking naps in the weeping fig tree’s pot.
And I made friends with the hamster. Kitten Mom tells me that her name is Miss Pitty-Pat.
I love Miss Pitty-Pat almost as much as I love my toys.

This week the Kitten Mom and I have been playing in the yarn room (Oh my goodness, you wouldn’t believe all of the exciting stuff that is in that yarn room! I learned how to climb the bookshelf and push down boxes of yarn! I dragged balls of string across the floor and found lots of crinkly bags to sleep on!), and this morning she decided that we could play with some pink and grey yarn. We took the yarn downstairs with some other stuff. Toys!! I was so excited to have another toy. Look at this:

Kind of a funny kitten toy, don’t you think? Still, this could be fun…
Hey, why does this yarn keep moving? This isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be.
Wait. There is paper! I like to chomp and chase paper… How nice of the Kitten Mom to put this toy here for me!
Now the Kitten Mom is knitting with that yarn.

See what a good girl I am? I don’t really like to chase the yarn while the Kitten Mom is knitting; I like to eat the papers!! All the papers!! Maybe I can chase them a little too, but mostly I have to tear them into little itty bitty bits. Maybe she will give me papers later…Β  or some other toys… or just pet me… or…

Hannah, 4 months old.

Maybe when I wake up we can play some more…

Notes from the Kitten Mom:

  • Hannah was the last kitten left in the shelter when I saw her last month. She was a failed adoption who had been returned after three days in her first home. I put her on my lap and petted her for a few minutes as she purred; when I tried to put her back on the ground she cried and clung to me. That was that: I had a kitten.
  • As I filled out her paperwork one of the shelter employees asked if I was prepared to deal with a crying kitten at 3am. Oh. That’s what the problem was, I thought. Hannah cried at me through the window the entire time I was getting the paperwork done. Good set of kitten lungs, I thought.
  • Yep. She glued herself to me for the first 24 hours and cried each time I moved. Poor thing. We got through the night and she continued to stay right with me at all times for the first week. Now she still stays near me and uses me as a huge playmate/cat toy.Β  Except at night. Then little miss independent rockets around the house with a toy in her mouth. She and Pitty-Pat are best friends.
  • There has been some yarn chomping, but she has already grown out of the behavior. Now she would rather eat the pattern pages.
  • I had desperately wanted a yellow tabby stripped male kitten, but ended up with this tuxedo coated little girl. I have exactly the kitten that is right for me.
  • She doesn’t like kitty cookies: MacKenzie would be so disgusted!

Author: Midnight Knitter

I weave, knit and read in Aurora, Colorado where my garden lives. I have 2 sons, a knitting daughter-in-law, a grandson and two exceptionally spoiled kittens. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a serious rare autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis along with Sjogren's Disease and fibromyalgia.

33 thoughts on “Hannah’s World: It’s My Birthday!!”

  1. Poor sop you, Marilyn ! [grin] Didn’t take a moment for her to wind you around her tiny paw.
    She is SO pretty: I can scarcely believe someone took her and brought her back ! But I now believe that’s what happened to Boodie (I know I was told frightful porkies about his origins), and yet I find him totally adorable and am obsessed with him. He will be 2 in November, but is probably not much bigger than Hannah: for whatever reason, he’s not going to be a normal-sized cat. It makes me very happy, as all my cats have been, like, HUGE.
    Give her some kisses and hugs from me, just because she brings you such joy. And we deserve it ! πŸ˜€

    1. You are right, it certainly didn’t take her long to transform me into a giant cat toy and personal servant. I don’t think that she is going to stay small as she is growing like a week and eating like a pig. I have had a string of fairly large cats, so a small one would be a change. We’ll see.
      There was a dog at the other home that wasn’t willing to accept a kitten. Poor Hannah! Once I got her I think that part of the problem is that she was so needy and people oriented; if the dog was possessive, then that would never have worked out. I’m glad that I got her because needy is just fine with me. Such a great companion cat!

  2. This is so simply heartwarming. I’m wondering if she’ll grow to love the kitten cookies… Perhaps you, like me are Hannah’s Emotional Support Human…my dear Scamp gets as close to me as she can as often as she can, and sometimes wakes up and seems to call for me. But she and Tink (who is a little quieter until she needs something) have been the cats I love to be an Emotional Support Human for….now, How can I get paid for this. You have a lovely kitten in Hannah!

    1. I’m going to keep offering her the kitty cookies as they are an effective training tool, but she is so motivated to please me that it may be I won’t need them. There were 7 kittens in her litter, and then there were the days in the unhappy situation with a dog before she came back to the shelter, so it’s no wonder that she was needy. She is doing better now, but she pretty much follows me from room to room and keeps track of me. I guess I am her Emotional Support Human, but she is kind of my emotional support animal too, so it all works out. The way things are going I may never be able to leave the house, and today the rheumatologist told me I can’t have visitors unless they were outside, masked, and 6 feet from me. Thank heavens for little Hannah and her insistence that I be her giant cat toy!

      1. It’s amazing what our pets do to keep us going in these unimaginable times. I hope you have visitors willing to mask up and stand six feet away on the nice days. Thank goodness for Hannah, you-tube, and audiobooks…I never thought I’d say those words;-).

    1. It really is a perfect arrangement. I almost laughed when that lady made the snarky comment about the 3am kitten cries… I mean, not a problem as I would still be up to handle it. πŸ™‚

  3. She was returned because she was meant for you:) She knew it. It sounds like a perfect match:)
    Hannah: I’m so happy you love your home and all who live there. May you have many happy years:) I’m glad you’ve found your way to the blog. I’ve missed hearing a cat voice in my life. Don’t tell Myles I said that.

    1. That’s what I decided… she was obviously meant for me. The man who handled the adoption told me they couldn’t understand why she was still there since she was kind of their favorite.
      Hannah: I’m still finding my voice, but I’ll try to blog every week.

  4. Hi Hannah!! I loved seeing all your photos. Does your flamingo have a name too? I see your fig is by a window. Is it sunny and warm for you? Are you a good girl and keep the soil in the pot?

    1. Hannah: My flamingo doesn’t have a name but it does make bird noises every time I play with it. The Kitten Mom puts it away at bedtime for some reason. I love the fig tree and i gets to watch birdies through the window!! I am such a good girl with the soil, but today I whacked an orchid and the Kitten Mom moved faster than a bunny to take it away. Bye. I have to catch a kitten nap!

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