It’s the Little (Mash-up Knitting) Things…

My hip is in full rebellion these days and I am spending a lot of time off my feet trying heal up. For reasons beyond my understanding MacKenzie views this as an invitation to make constant demands: Pet me! Feed me!! More cookies! Let me go outside!! I must be on your lap!! You exist to serve me!!!!!

He stands next to me as I knit crying sadly, trying to move onto my lap and into the yarn and knitting. It is sad. So sad. Right up to the point when the yarn chomping starts and the claws start flashing. Sigh.

There is nothing for it but to put the knitting aside, gather the cat up onto my lap and deliver unto him all the hugs and attention that he is craving. Then some cookies!

Caught between a ill behaved hip and a demanding cat I have abandoned the sweater that I’ve been working on and switched to small projects that are easy to move away from chomping teeth and flashing claws. Projects that can be worked on in bed, outside in the garden swing, and downstairs by the television. Projects that can be easily moved to safety or stuffed into a project bag.

Ta-daa! I finished these cashmere blend yummy socks to wear while lounging around and in bed. These socks are knit a little loosely and sport garter stitch heels and toes, so they aren’t suitable for daily wear, but they sure are perfect for my cold feet while babying my ill behaved hip, and were easy to complete while evading a cat.
The socks were knit from the toe up and have cleverly shaped garter stitch heels and toes. I added the garter band to the top of the sock before putting on a K1P1 ribbing at the top.  Please ignore the little gap there in the ribbing… I took the picture before the final finishing as I was losing the light. Here are my Ravelry notes. The sock pattern is Om Shanti Bed Socks by Alice Yu and the yarn is Serenity 20 from Zen Yarn Garden in the colorway “Burning Bush.”
my Washing Stones socks.

Do you remember the light blue ribbed socks that I made a couple of weeks ago? They were just simply ribbed socks based on my rote 64 stitch vanilla sock that is basically the Dave sock by Rachel Coopey with a different rib that I liked when I knitted the No. 5 Union Street socks and then saw again in the Emily’s Favorite Socks pattern in the book “Knits About Winter.” Hey, when you are immobilized by a cranky hip and hounded by a demanding cat, you start to just invent new combinations of socks, right? In this circumstance it is just frankly impossible to have any charts or patterns involved in the knitting, so it is “have some fun” time.  Anyway, there was some yarn left over from the socks, so I kept knitting…

And these simple wristers (short arm warmers)  just fell off my needles.

To make the wristers I just kept expanding on my theme of stealing design ideas from other projects and smashing them together to make something that works for me.  I had made some Geology Socks recently, and the top edging was a nice use of the feather and fan pattern, so I re-used it for the top of these warmers. Then I knitted the body of the wrister using the K3P1 ribbing and finished off with an I-cord BO.

I kind of like to wear these with the I-cord edging down by my hand.
But I think that they look pretty good with the lace at the wrist also.

These wristers will work well this winter under sweaters and over long sleeved shirts in my usual struggle to keep my fingers warm, but I’m wearing them alone right now whenever I get exposed to air conditioning. Pleased with my sock pattern inventiveness I cast on another sock last night…

There is that lacy edging again!

This is another mash-up of ideas and patterns that grew from my earlier projects. This yarn, Fancy Monkey sock, is another cashmere blend for my cold feet. The edging is the same one used for the wristers, but I’m making K3P1  ribbed socks again once I’m past the edging. I’m debating putting on garter stitch heels and toes like the Om Shanti socks. It will be fun! It’s a knitting adventure, I tell MacKenzie.

Who has been watching me steadily from the foot of the bed, waiting for an opening to move onto my lap, computer or no computer. He resents the computer even more then the knitting. Let’s not even start talk about books and reading…

Isn’t it cute that MacKenzie still likes his mouse? The tail has been chomped off at this point, but he still likes to bat it around.

Hopefully my hip will start behaving better in a few days, MacKenzie will become less needy, and I will be able to get back to the Kouvia sweater. I’m getting adventurous with that project, too. I can’t wait to blog about the sweater, and I’m working myself up to a couple of hip/scleroderma posts as I’ve been racking up adventures in that part of my life also.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Author: Midnight Knitter

I weave, knit and read in Aurora, Colorado where my garden lives. I have 2 sons, a knitting daughter-in-law, a grandson and two exceptionally spoiled kittens. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a serious rare autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis along with Sjogren's Disease and fibromyalgia.

18 thoughts on “It’s the Little (Mash-up Knitting) Things…”

  1. The socks and wristers are lovely! I love mash-up projects:)
    I hope your hip feels better quickly. I’ll bet MacKenzie knows you’re uncomfortable and is just trying to make you feel better:)

    1. Thanks. I think the problem is that he is old and really prefers to sleep on something warm… if I’m down that is me. 🙂 Then every time I get up he thinks it is cookie or outside time so he starts demanding. It’s exhausting.

  2. MacKenzie is obviously acting as your private nurse, keeping you company and distracting you from your hip pain. Heather socks all look great. I prefer the wrist warmers with the pretty edge near the wrist. When your too hot running your wrists under cool water helps cool you down, so surely the opposite is true for warming you up. Stay cosy.

  3. My Stella is the same with her neediness and yarn chomping! I have to put my knitting away and just sit on the sofa with her, to give her all the cuddles and pets that she needs.
    I think I need to add wrist warmers to my knitting queue, yours look just great!

    1. They are truly fur babies sometimes! The wrist warmers are really helpful and as a bonus I usually can make them from leftovers. My other mainstay in winter is fingerless mitts, which also is a easy way to use up leftovers.

  4. I love it! You are absolutely one of the best I’ve ever seen at taking lemons and making lemonade. Great socks, and your wristers always inspire me. I think you were actually the one who convinced me to try fingerless mitts. Without really realizing it, I always sort of thought “what good would a mitt with no fingers do?” Now, I am SUCH a convert. I guess it’s warming those pulse points, right? Anyway, definitely need to cast on some of these for myself.

    Is your Goodreads sidebar new? It’s a great addition. It’s always so interesting to see what friends are reading!

    1. It is kind of counter intuitive since you’re keeping your fingers warm by covering up a different body part. It’s like discovering that putting on a hat helps keep your feet warm (which is also a thing). I think it is a matter of keeping the pulse points covered. I’m starting to become a fan of cowls now because they help keep me warm too. It’s so good to be a knitter!

      I’ve had that goodreads sidebar for awhile now. I do like to see what others are reading too. My last book was The Night Tiger, which I just loved!

  5. Your socks and wristers look great! Beautiful, and also cozy 🙂 Hope your hip feels better soon, and also that MacKenzie gives your just a tiny little bit more peace. Though of course, you are dealing with the demands for attention pretty well 🙂 Feel better!

    1. It has gotten cooler the last few days and I’m putting the socks to good use. That cashmere is totally worth the money!! I’m pretty sure MacKenzie agrees. I’m keeping the back door closed and he has calmed down again. What a cat!

  6. I’m sorry to hear about your painful hip. How tedious these things can be. You seem to be keeping a good spirit about it. I’m sorry McKenzie is so needy. I wonder if he senses the “change in the force” i.e., recognizing your need to hold still and worries in his cat-like way? Mouse is quite demanding of my time and energy and feels annoyed when I won’t sit down. I often carry him around like a baby…and he loves it. He’s almost 19 pounds though, so it’s not practical.

    Your socks are stunning and look cozy-warm. Cashmere is divine.

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