MacKenzie Speaks: Sweater Skeleton Update

Hi. I’m MacKenzie,

The Mother of Cats has been working really hard on her sweater for the Ravellenics competition. I’ve been helping her all week. She is upset about all the cat hair in the sweater: totally ungrateful!!

It has been almost a whole week of knitting on the sweater. She is mostly cheerful, but there have been a few incidents where she got snappy about me chomping yarn and chasing the needles. It is so hard to support her when she gets like this, but Yellow Boy and I continue to contribute as much as we can. Really, we don’t need all of our fur; happy to share.

Cat and knitting.
The sweater is now so big that is covers me while I’m sitting in her lap.
Cat and knitting.
See what I’m talking about?

Last night towards the end of the ice skating event she spread out the sweater to admire her work and started making sad noises. Really sad noises. Yellow Boy came running to see what was wrong and if she was giving away food.

What has happened here?

She took the sweater off the needles and did a lot of ripping. RIPPING! WOOHOO!!! I just love ripping! Lots of yarn flying. The ball got away from her and I chased it across the floor. The issue seemed to be about the pockets being on the BACK of the sweater instead of the front, but I have to tell you it was major cat party time. Yay! We cats even chased each other around the house afterwards and Yellow Boy’s fur was just flying everywhere!

Picking up stitches with cat supervision.
Once the party was over I helped her pick up her stitches again. Ugh. BORING… I closely supervised so she wouldn’t make any more mistakes.

Finally she got all the stitches back into order, moved her markers and got ready to start knitting again. This time the pockets will be on the front of the sweater where they belong.

But instead of doing that she packed it all up, got an ice cream bar and went to bed. Seriously? Hello… I think we should get back to work here!

Nope. She stayed in bed. The sweater is still packed up but she plans to get back to work tonight when the Olympics start. Downhill racing. Ice Skating. Skeleton. We will knit then.

Right now I need some cookies!!

I’m such a good boy.


Note from the Mother of Cats: The sweater is Cushman by Isabell Kraemer. My Ravelry notes are here.

Author: Midnight Knitter

I weave, knit and read in Aurora, Colorado where my garden lives. I have 2 sons, a knitting daughter-in-law, a grandson and two exceptionally spoiled kittens. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a serious rare autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis along with Sjogren's Disease and fibromyalgia.

20 thoughts on “MacKenzie Speaks: Sweater Skeleton Update”

  1. MacKenzie you and Yellow Boy are the best knitting (and ripping) cheerleaders:)
    Sorry to hear about the knitting catastrophe:( It looks like it will be lovely. May I suggest cookies all around:)

    1. They are great cheerleaders. They were especially demanding in the cookie department today, and you are right, I do deserve cookies. I’m ready to tackle it again tonight and hopefully I’ll be working on the sleeves before the weekend is over.

    1. MacKenzje: You’d think she would have checked that a little sooner, but nope. She just blindly knitted along for almost 2 inches. She’s so lucky to have us to support her when she’s stupid like this!

  2. I know! On the other hand, ripping is kind of fun, and once I have the stitches back oon the needles I’m back to my knitting. I tell myself it’s the process, not the product, but it is ugly during those first moments when I find the mistake!

  3. Oh, dear… Thank goodness you and Yellow Boy were there to help put things right. You’re the BEST boy ever, MacKenzie!!

    1. Mackenzie: I am! The Mother of Cats is a very lucky woman!!

      It’s very cold and snowing outside, and the cats and I are hunkered down and knitting. I’m half way done with the first sleeve. Yay!!

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