FO: the drijfhout sweater is done!

Today it turned just darn cold after days and days of spring like weather. I know I’m being a whining baby; it is February after all. The weather people warned us that change was coming so I pulled myself together, sewed the buttons onto the drijfhout sweater and wove in the ends. Ta-da! Here it is!

Finished Sweater
How cute is this?
MacKenzie really likes the finished knit. He’s been particularity insistent on cuddles all day.

I took this picture outside this morning while it was snowing so the light isn’t the best, but it really did turn out nice. The fit is just perfect! You can’t really see the details well in the shot, but the sweater is knit from the top down (no sewing!!) with perfect set-in sleeves. I am just delighted with how nice it looks on me (and I eventually hope to have one of my knitting friends take a picture of me wearing it… you’ll just have to take my word for the fit. 🙂 Here are the project notes on Ravelry.

I’ve also been working like crazy on the Find Your Fade shawl. I’m now in the 5th color and am picking up speed as I slide through the second half of the shawl.

The best thing is the majority of these colors came right out of the stash! This shawl is going to be huge, and it sure is turning out to be a stash buster!

I did make some changes to the colors (but you know that I am keeping the purple!). I decided that I wanted a beautiful fall like shawl more than I wanted the type of fade that transforms from one color to another, and I wanted to stick with the rosy colorways. The idea that I’m working with is more like the selection of fabrics for a quilt – each color goes with all of the others and the colors call to each other across the shawl just the way they do in quilts. What do you think of my efforts so far? It’s not a “fade” but it will look good and it makes me happy. Here are the project notes on Ravelry.

Stitch Marker
My stitch marker goes with the shawl. 🙂

I made this stitch marker from a hand blown glass bead that I bought at the Interweave Yarn Fest last year. I really like the way it looks on the shawl – I may need to get a chain so I can wear the stitch marker like a necklace with the shawl. There are little circles of gold in the glass in the main body of the bead that really shine in the sun; perfect to go with the shawl!

It’s going to be a good weekend. Cold weather, knitting, and I even have yummy meals planned and a new book to read. Life is good.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Author: Midnight Knitter

I weave, knit and read in Aurora, Colorado where my garden lives. I have 2 sons, a knitting daughter-in-law, a grandson and two exceptionally spoiled kittens. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a serious rare autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis along with Sjogren's Disease and fibromyalgia.

26 thoughts on “FO: the drijfhout sweater is done!”

    1. Thank you. I just love the way the tweedy yarn softened the stripes. I stole the idea for the red stripes from another knitter on Ravelry. It really helps me a lot to see what other people are doing.

      1. For me, it’s the red that really sets it off. I’m like you, I love taking inspiration from other people and everyone on Raverly is so friendly and helpful.

  1. That Sweater! I am telling you, it’s amazing. And now in my queue. It’s just so professional looking. And the red details make it unique and so attractive.

    I find that while I love the find your fade shawl, I don’t love a lot of the color combos I am seeing. It’s a tricky shawl to get the colors correct. And I am telling you I love your colors for it. They look great together and it looks warm and scrumptious.

    Sounds like you are doing your best to take care of yourself after a couple weeks of stress. There’s really nothing more healing than being able to have a little downtime in your own home with your knitting and good meals. And cat snuggles. I am sure that helps too. Stay warm!

    1. That is exactly what I decided about the design; it has a lot of professional detailing. There is a fake side seam, and the sweater has a line of stitches that create the illusion of a shoulder seam. The sleeves fit just perfect; the decreases continued all the way down to the wrist. Then there is the short row shaping at the bottoms…

      I agree about fade colors. I have been looking at finished projects, faving ones that I like, and then reflecting on what they have in common. The color matching is tricky!! I keep thinking of new color ideas. This is really going to bust my stash, and then I can send them off for Christmas presents. 🙂

      I am babying myself still, and I’m steadily getting energy back. The last thing the family needs is for me to end up in the ER too! It is good to be home again with my own bed and kitties. 🙂

    1. Thanks. I agonized about how much red to use. I wanted the detail, but felt it shouldn’t be too much. At my age it’s better to go for the classy look. 🙂

      This is the weekend for the fade. I should get it finished before the end of next week.

  2. What a great finish on that cardigan. I can tell you’re immensely pleased about it. Your Fade colors remind me of the fall fairy in the Tinkerbell movies. Made me smile.

    1. When I first put the sweater on I was in love. Sweaters are pretty big investments in yarn and time, and when they don’t work out it is kind of crushing. So happy when it all works out.

      The fall fairy! Now I’m smiling!

  3. It is very important that stitch markers match the working yarn! I love your sweater and every time a see a pic of it I have ‘sweater envy’. Will need your help picking out the yarn.

  4. Your sweater looks gorgeous! I love sweaters with no seaming, having just finished one that was all the seaming. And your shawl … I could just look at that all day!

    1. Thank you. I spent 6 hours doing all the finishing work on another sweater, so I hear you about knitting a sweater all in one piece. It’s so much easier to get the length of the body and sleeves right, too.

      I’m knitting like crazy on the shawl. Must get to the next color…must get to the next color…

    1. Thank you. I dug through the stash last night hunting for yarn to make a second one. It really is a comfy sweater that wears well. I need to take a closer look at other sweaters she’s designed.

    1. It fits really nicely. I found some yarn in the stash to make another one in a raspberry heather that will be fun to wear. I’m tending towards wooden buttons for that one.

    1. Thank you. It is going to snow today and I plan to wear the sweater when I get my taxes done this afternoon in the hope that it will bring me luck!!

      I’m in love with the shawl, too. I’m now knitting the third one. It’s like a “Fade” shawl study. What will it look if all the yarns are grey with bits of color in them…

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