Update from Hell: Still Knitting

A couple of weeks ago the bottom fell out from under the Midnight Knitter family: health emergencies, rushes to the emergency room, surgery, a life altering diagnosis of colon cancer for my older son, and the death of a beloved dog. A terrible 10 days.

A week after returning home from the hospital my older son developed complications and once again ended up in the emergency room. Blood clots! Holy smokes, this is not something that I would wish on anyone! Once again we took turns at the hospital and knitted through the wee hours of the morning. It was days before he could go home again.

Buttons on sweater
I finished knitting the drijfhout sweater before I got sick. What do you think of these buttons? I still haven’t attached them or done the finishing work. Soon. Very soon. Then there will be a picture for sure. Project notes are here.

Then the next shoe dropped: even before my older son was out of the hospital again I came down with the plague. Seriously, it had to be plague. It couldn’t have been flu, since I had that shot earlier this year. <snark> Whatever, I got sick. Really sick. Too sick to knit. Ugh. It was bound to happen since I was burning the candle at both ends for days on end and taking chances walking into hospitals with a seriously drugged up immune system, but still … I think that we are due a break here!! After a week in bed I dragged myself up to my younger son’s place and have been recovering with him since then. Now it’s a whole week later and I’m still struggling to get around with a dizzy head and shaky legs, but I am definitely starting to feel more like myself, and I am back to knitting every evening.

I’m knitting like crazy on my Find Your Fade shawl. Look!! I’m four colors in and have three to go. I’m still obsessing about making some color changes…. My project notes on Ravelry are here

Tomorrow I will head on home again. Poor MacKenzie! He and Yellow Boy were pretty much abandoned this whole week with only a couple of checks to make sure they had food and water. I know I will be getting an earful from them once I’m back.

Annoyed cat
MacKenzie: What? An earful you say? Just because you ABANDONED us for an ENTIRE week?

Tomorrow my oldest son starts chemo.

I think of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s quote from Knitting Without Tears a lot in times like these. “Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crisis.”

Knit on indeed.

Author: Midnight Knitter

I weave, knit and read in Aurora, Colorado where my garden lives. I have 2 sons, a knitting daughter-in-law, a grandson and two exceptionally spoiled kittens. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a serious rare autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis along with Sjogren's Disease and fibromyalgia.

29 thoughts on “Update from Hell: Still Knitting”

  1. Phew! Having a rough time really is an understatement here! I’m so, so sorry. We’ve had a rogue flu here in England too, a different strain to this year’s flu jab apparently! Praying for healing for you and of course your son . Hugs. Sharon

    1. Thank you. I’ve heard from other people that this flu really hits hard. I think that I also had a flare of my autoimmune duo which didn’t help. I did stay out of the ER which was good!

      1. Yes, it always seems to hit harder when your immune system is already suppressed and then the auto immune disorders go crazy as your immune system fights the infection and doesn’t distinguish between that and you 😬 Don’t forget to look after yourself so you can be strong for your boys x

      2. You are right. I went into a flare for sure while I was sick; the fatigue was unreal! I won’t get started on the muscle and joint pain… I’m doing better again and was able to do grocery shopping yesterday. I feel for my son entering chemo… I hope he doesn’t have all those symptoms too.

        I found your fabulous gift this morning when I went for the mail. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I tried to put in a link to your shop (at etsy?) but I couldn’t find it. If you send me the info I’ll include it in the post I just put up (in MacKenzie’s voice, of course.)

  2. Oh boy, it didn’t exactly get better, did it? But that sweater though! Yes, I think the buttons are perfect. And I absolutely adore the peek at the red under the button band. Amazing work. So professional.

    And that may be one of the prettiest find your fade shawls I’ve seen.

    Just keep knitting. And posting. And carrying on. Hope all goes well with chemo. All the best from your blogosphere.

    1. Thank you for the great knitting feedback. I am really pleased with both knitting efforts. The best thing about them was the knitting was easy and soothing. The other plus in all of this is the weather has been amazingly mild here. With all the driving around and runs for medical treatment it has been a huge help for my DIL that the roads are safe and dry.

      I’m going with the buttons. Today I’ll get the sweater finished so I can get a picture tomorrow at my knitting group.

  3. Oh, Marilyn – I’m so sorry that things are continuing to be so hard. I’ve been thinking about you and will continue to send lots and lots of good vibes your way. It’s heartening to know that you’re back to knitting. That’s definitely a good sign. Know that with every stitch, I’m cheering you and your boys and your whole family – human and kitty! – on. Big hugs!!

  4. How awful. I’m sorry health has been a roller coaster ride for you all. Thank goodness for knitting. I hope your son’s chemo treatment goes smoothly.

  5. The buttons are perfect! They are a keeper. Poor MacKenzie. I’m sure a few treats and some ear rubs will be enough.

      1. My heart goes out to you. You’ve been dealt a cruel blow all the way around. It’s not surprising that you would fall ill with all the added stress, immune deficiencies and time in a hospital but STILL…it is so unfair. I’ve just had a bout of stomach virus, so I can just imagine what you’ve been through. And the worry. I’m glad to hear that as I read this, one session of chemo is out of the way. I’m glad he’s home and wish him well on the journey. I hope you’re all fully recovered soon. Dear MacKenzie: I know it’s all about you, but just this once, you’ll need to let things slide. Thank goodness for knitting.

      2. Thank you. It really does feel like the universe is just piling on to an unreal level; hopefully things will stabilize now for awhile. I’m doing pretty well again so I called last night to let them know I can start to help out more. I’m lucky in that my autoimmune conditions are being managed pretty well right now as long as I don’t throw a monkey wrench into the works by catching something like the flu!

        MacKenzie is recovering. He is a pill!

      3. I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better with each day. It’s good to know that your autoimmune systems is well managed, too.
        I’m glad you have animals around you and a pair of needles at hand. I’m teaching myself basic crochet as a way of relieving tension. MacKenzie sounds like a character. I like him already.

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