Bad Start, 2016 (but I made a great sweater anyway. Ha!)

I know that I kind of did this to myself. I was really pushing things as I got everything baked, stitched, knitted, wrapped, mailed and cleaned for Christmas. It was wonderful. My family was all here on the big day, the dinner was perfect, and it was even snowing lightly making it a true White Christmas. A wonderful, wonderful day.

I was just exhausted afterwards.

Still, I made some after-Christmas plans. I wrote out some ideas for the end-of-the-year blog post and made a list of projects to tackle in the coming weeks and months. Great stuff: weaving, spinning and quilting made the list along with the usual plethora of knitting items.

Cat Face
No New Year’s for us. Mom got sick.

The Monday after Christmas I woke up sick. Influenza!! I had had the vaccine, but I knew that it was unlikely that I would get the full benefit because of my immuno-suppressant drugs. By New Year’s Day I literally couldn’t get out of bed. The next day I dragged into the after-hours clinic and was sent home with antibiotics and some serious cough medicine. Thus a cascade of severe unhappiness was launched. Here’s the short version: bronchitis; removal from immuno-suppressant drugs; allergic reaction to the first antibiotics; more antibiotics; a full rebellion by my digestive system; low blood pressure; dizzy, dizzy, and more dizzy; help: I can’t even manage to knit; a flare of my systemic sclerosis; and a complete helping of why can’t I breathe right yet??? There. That was the whole month!! In fact, it is still going, but I am definitely on the mend.

Take home lesson: it is possible to survive on yogurt, cranberry juice and Christmas cookies. Maybe I should write this up as a new fad diet. 🙂 It is also good to have a pile of books waiting to be read. An emergency stash of chocolate is a given, right? Oh yeah, one more thing: GET YOUR FLU SHOT, PEOPLE!!

Two weeks ago I pulled out my partially completed Daelyn Sweater (by Isabell Kraemer) and got started knitting on it again between naps. Last week I finally finished it. Oh, my goodness. What a wonderful sweater. It kind of looks like a sweatshirt…

Daelyn Sweater
See what I mean? The ultimate comfy weekend sweater. This baby is knit from the top down and there isn’t a seam anywhere in it. I decided to knit the XL size (43.75 inches) so that I would have at least 6 inches of positive ease; because of the garter stitch shaping it hangs really nicely and is actually kind of flattering. This view of the sweater is pretty boxy looking, so I decided to try to get a selfie…
Sweater front
Do you know how hard that is? Ugh! Still, this gives you a better idea of how the sweater actually hangs. Once it is on it doesn’t look wide and boxy anymore because of the garter stitch side panels. My swollen fingers are due to the systemic sclerosis flare. I want my drugs back!!
Raglan Sleeve
and just check out the raglan sleeve and the back view! The garter stitch in the back  makes it really comfy and stretchy. The back of the sweater is a little longer due to short rows shaping which also helps make it hang nicely over my rear end. 🙂
Cat chomping yarn.
Did you notice the cat hair on the sweater? Yep. That’s a thing as cat help and yarn chomping happened fairly frequently as I knitted… MacKenzie purrs and kneads like a madman (madkitty) in these sweater attacks so it is hard to heartlessly chase him off. I think that he especially liked the Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn that I used.

Shelter Yarn

I have to give a shout out to this yarn. You almost have to work with this stuff to believe it; it is soft, squishy and very light weight. My finished sweater is soft, warm, comfy, looks and hangs like a bulky sweater but weighs very little. It is almost a shock when I lift it to put it on. There are little bits of veggie matter in the yarn, but I think that is because it hasn’t been over processed. It was fairly easy to pull them out while I worked.

When I got ready to knit my sleeves I began to panic about running out of yarn. I ordered two more skeins online that were from another dye lot. I blended the new yarn in by knitting every other row for 8 rows (it did happen on the sleeves..) and you absolutely can’t see the change in yarn. I could have just skipped the blending. How’s that for quality control! Here are the Ravelry notes for my project if you want more info.

So, here it is whole month late but I am starting to think about my new projects for the year. Lots to do. You weren’t very nice to me at the start, 2016, but let’s see what we can get going now. Behave yourself!!



Author: Midnight Knitter

I weave, knit and read in Aurora, Colorado where my garden lives. I have 2 sons, a knitting daughter-in-law, a grandson and two exceptionally spoiled kittens. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a serious rare autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis along with Sjogren's Disease and fibromyalgia.

20 thoughts on “Bad Start, 2016 (but I made a great sweater anyway. Ha!)”

  1. So glad to see you post again! I’ve missed you! Glad you are on the mend after what sounds like a hellacious start for the year. Beautiful sweater!

  2. I too was glad to hear from you. Sorry 2016 had such a rocky start but it will be better! There is sun and yarn and bad/mad kitties. Plus now you have that rocking sweater!

  3. You are darn right there are bad/mad kitties. After a month of sleeping on top of me all day long (this is kitty support at its best/worst) these cats are totally out of control. What a wonderful thing it is to have kitties. 🙂

    I sat in the yarn room yesterday just soaking it in and organizing the new queue. Life is good.

  4. The sweater looks great. Best wishes on your mending journey, and may you accomplish some more projects soon;-). Enjoy that sweater this winter(almost makes you want more winter, but not really.) I’m sure you can wear it for chilly spring days, as well.

    1. I started another top down sweater this week, and the weather report is for a major snow storm early next week. I will be rocking the new sweater and knitting on the new one between shoveling outings.

  5. I’m glad you’re back! That sounds like it was awful! I’m glad you stayed out of the hospital.

    Your furry guy has the best facial expressions. He looks so fierce initially, but when he’s caught with some yarn in his mouth, I can see the playful kitten come out.

    1. I have to admit, I got worried there for awhile when the blood pressure took a nose dive. Much better now. 🙂

      He is a photogenic cat with tons of personality. Makes eye contact, talks to me, insists on being on top of me when I’m reading in bed and is my good boy. At Christmas he tried to bite my son!! He is a handful, that is for sure. He has such a big purr I forgive him almost anything. 🙂

  6. I was thinking of you just the other day as it dawned on me that I hadn’t seen a post from you for a bit in my inbox. I am so sorry to hear that you were so sick. I pray you continue to improve daily by leaps and bounds. Comfy looking sweater!

  7. So sorry you had such a rough month. I have missed you being around over here and wondered several times if you were OK. I really hope that you can get back on top soon. Your jumper looks great, hopefully you will be able to knit as you recover. x

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